Pioneering Innovation in Building Sets: FUNWHOLE’s Steampunk Series

FUNWHOLE, a trailblazer in the world of lighting brick brands, is reshaping the building set landscape with its pioneering light-up designs. Driven by a mission to infuse building activities with unprecedented excitement and creative potential, FUNWHOLE is redefining interactive play with its innovative building blocks.

The hallmark of FUNWHOLE’s ingenuity lies in its distinctive light-up feature. This innovation, absent in other building sets, signifies FUNWHOLE’s vision to synergize lighting and construction elements harmoniously.

Beyond the illumination, FUNWHOLE is devoted to the superior quality of its building components and accessories. This commitment ensures durable and stable constructions, underpinning the imaginative creations of its users.

FUNWHOLE has skilfully addressed the complexities of lighting design and installation, streamlining the process for a more enjoyable building experience. This refinement allows users to immerse themselves in the creativity and enjoyment that these sets offer.

Jack, CEO of FUNWHOLE, encapsulates this ethos, stating, “With FUNWHOLE, you get the best of both worlds – the joy of building during the day and the enchantment of lights at night. Our sets bring warmth, companionship, and endless entertainment, creating unforgettable experiences for builders.”

The Steampunk World series, a testament to FUNWHOLE’s innovative spirit, blends Victorian charm with futuristic elements, offering an enthralling building experience. This series, set in a fictional universe during the European Industrial Revolution, stands out for its detailed ornamentation and mechanical features.

Since its inception in April 2022, the Steampunk series has captivated audiences with its detailed gears and narrative-rich designs. The collection, ranging from trains and airships to trading centres and vintage cars, embodies the essence of the Steampunk theme, inviting builders on an adventurous journey.

  1. F9006-Steampunk Train (1056 Pieces) & F9007-Steampunk Train Station (1843 Pieces)

The engineering marvel of the train, with its brass-adorned locomotive and luxurious carriages, complements the architectural brilliance of the train station, complete with brass fixtures and clockwork mechanisms.

  1. F9014-Steampunk Airship (1641 Pieces)

This airship, a symbol of adventure, boasts brass accents, intricate gears, and a vintage colour scheme, offering an immersive journey of exploration.

  1. F9017-Steampunk Trading Center (2680 Pieces)

A hub of innovation, the trading center is a bustling marketplace of steampunk wonders, showcasing an array of mechanical inventions and vintage goods.

  1. F9019-Steampunk Vintage Car (282 Pieces)

William Stone, a mineral trader, takes pride in his steampunk-inspired vintage car, a testament to the fusion of retro design and futuristic elements.

A building set enthusiast praises FUNWHOLE: “I have constructed many big name sets and this steampunk themed building set by Funwhole was on par with them. The addition of the led lighting system made the set even better and added character to the finished set. The instructions were very clear and I had no issues with the construction, which took me around 12 hours. The stability of the finished structure was also impressive. Highly recommended as it is very difficult to find anything steampunk themed at this scale. I have already bought and started on the train set which goes with this station and I hope the company continues with more steampunk sets.”

With its commitment to revolutionizing building sets, FUNWHOLE has garnered global acclaim. The Steampunk World series cements its status as an industry innovator.

FUNWHOLE’s future plans include expanding its Steampunk collection with unique brick components, as Jessie, Product Manager of FUNWHOLE, shares, “We envision a future where FUNWHOLE becomes synonymous with Steampunk sets, offering enthusiasts and collectors a wide array of intricately designed models and accessories.”

FUNWHOLE aims to co-create this series with its community, valuing feedback for future developments. Looking ahead, the brand is excited to explore new creative avenues, backed by a dedicated design team and a passionate fan base.

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