Pioneering Gender Diversity Consultancy Service Launched by Investing in Women

Investing in Women, the UK’s premier job board dedicated to flexible and part-time roles, has launched a brand-new consultancy service which aims to enhance gender diversity within the workplace. This innovative service is designed to help forward-thinking employers attract, retain, and promote female talent, thereby fostering a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

The Investing in Women Consultancy service offers a suite of bespoke solutions, including diversity audits, policy advice, and tailored strategies crucial for businesses looking to improve their gender diversity metrics. With a deep understanding of the barriers that women face in the workplace, the consultancy aims to provide actionable insights and practical tools for companies to create a truly inclusive culture.

Elizabeth Willetts, the founder of Investing in Women, states, “Our mission goes beyond helping women find flexible work; it’s about reshaping the workforce to be more inclusive and diverse. With our consultancy service, we’re excited to partner with businesses to break down barriers and build a stronger, more diverse future.”

The consultancy service is a natural extension of the job board’s commitment to empowering women in their careers. It reflects a growing recognition of the value of diversity in driving innovation, improving decision-making, and boosting financial performance.

Investing in Women’s consultancy services is now available to businesses across the UK. For more information, visit Investing in Women’s Consultancy Services.

Investing in Women is a UK-based job board and consultancy service that champions flexible working, part-time roles, and gender diversity in the workplace. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves a fulfilling career without sacrificing family time or personal interests, Investing in Women partners with the UK’s most forward-thinking employers to offer a wide range of professional opportunities.

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