PacSun Enhances Customer Journey Using Manhattan Active® POS System

Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) has revealed that PacSun, a prominent specialty retailer specialising in emerging youth brands and trending fashion, has opted for Manhattan Active® Point of Sale to elevate its omnichannel sales strategy and provide a seamless, integrated shopping experience for customers.

PacSun, known for offering a distinctive collection of relevant brands and styles to an inspired youth community, operates through its online store and over 300 locations nationwide. By incorporating Point of Sale into its existing successful Manhattan Active Omni Order Management system, PacSun aims to enhance customer interactions and ensure a consistent experience across all channels, aligning with its move towards unified commerce.

PacSun already utilises the order management, store inventory, and fulfilment capabilities of Manhattan Active Omni. Expanding its capabilities with Manhattan Active Point of Sale enables PacSun’s associates to have a unified and intuitive experience across in-store sales, engagement, and fulfilment functions. This approach allows PacSun to deliver a modern, personalized shopping experience to customers at the crucial point of sale.

Shirley Gao, CIO of PacSun, expressed, “The addition of Manhattan Active Point of Sale marks a significant milestone for PacSun as we establish our leadership in unified commerce. We greatly appreciate the comprehensive and robust nature of the entire Manhattan Active Omni suite, including Point of Sale. This powerful application grants us access to advanced Omnicart features, insights into customer interactions, clienteling, customer-controlled fulfilment, and endless aisle functionality, all of which contribute to an advanced omnichannel shopping experience for our customers.”

Bob Howell, executive vice president of Americas for Manhattan Associates, stated, “With Manhattan Active Point of Sale, PacSun is poised to further its success as a premier fashion destination for both Gen Z and Millennial shoppers. We take pride in supporting this innovative retailer, and we are honoured by their selection of our next-generation point of sale solution.”

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