Over 49,000 Children Benefited from Explore Learning’s Tuition in 2023

Explore Learning, a distinguished UK tuition provider, has unveiled its 2023 Impact Report. The report shows a remarkable achievement: over 49,000 children reaped the benefits of Explore Learning’s services last year.

Annually released, the Impact Report showcases the substantial influence Explore Learning has on children’s education. A standout statistic from the report is that 90% of students who received tuition from Explore Learning achieved their predicted grade or higher in their Maths GCSE.

Specializing in English and Maths, Explore Learning caters to children aged 4-16. The company employs 4000 tutors who provide extra tuition beyond school hours, both in-person at various UK centres and online.

The 2023 Impact Report also sheds light on the success of Explore Learning’s Big Dream Programme. This initiative focuses on increasing accessibility for families with limited resources, enabling them to benefit from Explore Learning’s tuition services. In 2023, nearly 300 children received subsidised tuition, and Explore Learning staff dedicated over 400 hours to community volunteering.

Bill Mills, Founder and CEO of Explore Learning, expressed his pride: “We are proud to have supported the growth of confidence and skills in over 49,000 children, nurtured the knowledge and talents of 4000 tutors and grown our reach in local communities through new, exciting partnerships and our Big Dream Programme.”

The report also highlighted positive feedback from children and parents. An impressive 86% of parents observed an increase in their child’s confidence in learning, and 76% noted that their children now enjoy learning more.

Bill Mills added: “Many children come to us struggling with their learning or feeling disengaged with their lessons at school. We are so proud to make a difference not only to their academic success but to their attitude towards learning.”

2023 was also a landmark year for Explore Learning’s tutors, who provided over 1.7 million hours of tuition.

Bill Mills further stated: “In 2024, we will continue to shape the future of education in the UK amidst the ever-changing technological landscape. We are on a mission to build the most impactful learning approach in the world, backed by science and real intelligence. We believe that the future of learning is led by incredible people, supported by smart technology. People will always be at the heart of the education that we deliver because we know there’s no better way to boost confidence, resilience, and positivity – the key ingredients to helping children thrive in their education and beyond.”

To view the full Explore Learning 2023 Impact Report, visit the dedicated webpage at explorelearning.co.uk.

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