Oakheart Property Unveils Its New Division for Land & New Homes

Essex and Suffolk’s esteemed estate agency, Oakheart Property, is delighted to announce the inauguration of its New Homes division, marking a significant chapter in the firm’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service in every facet of the property sector.

In conjunction with this new venture, Oakheart has welcomed Aaron Breakwell as the Managing Director and Joe Waller as the Associate Director of Oakheart New Homes, underscoring its dedication to continuous growth and innovation.

The recent establishment of Arpen Consultancy, aimed at aiding landowners in enhancing their land’s value, paved the way for Oakheart to embark on the next step of its strategic growth plan. This involves the addition of a specialised New Homes team to its portfolio.

This strategic development amalgamates Oakheart’s and Arpen Consultancy’s prowess and innovative approaches, offering unmatched prospects in the property arena. This collaboration is set to deliver holistic solutions to clients and developers embarking on the intricate journey of land and new home projects.

With Aaron Breakwell stepping into the Managing Director role, Oakheart not only gains a leader but also a visionary with extensive experience in the property sector. Aaron’s three-decade-long journey in the industry is complemented by a 25-year specialisation in new home sales in distinguished areas such as London, Essex, and the Home Counties, catering to both domestic and Far East markets. Over the past ten years, Aaron has been instrumental in over 1700 development appraisals in Essex, covering 8000 plots for a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from small and medium enterprises to some of the largest UK PLC developers.

Alongside Aaron, Joe Waller joins as the Associate Director, bringing his expertise and strategic insights to propel the division forward. Together, they form a formidable team set to elevate Oakheart to new heights. Joe’s extensive background in property sales across Essex and his crucial involvement in marketing over 1800 plots in 2023, including a substantial development of 600 homes, equip him with a comprehensive understanding of the developer’s journey from initial planning to marketing and successful sales strategies.

Coinciding with the launch of the New Homes division, Oakheart is excited to reveal the upcoming launch of its latest branch in Chelmsford, Essex, this spring. This expansion is not only a testament to its support for the New Homes Division but also aims to extend its exceptional service to a wider clientele.

Dan Mitchell, Co-Founder of Oakheart, expressed: “We are very excited to introduce our New Homes division and welcome Aaron Breakwell and Joe Waller to Oakheart. This expansion and strategic appointment reflects our commitment to innovation, growth, and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We look forward to this exciting chapter as we continue to evolve and expand our offerings.”

The initiation of the New Homes division and the establishment of the Chelmsford branch are just the beginning of Oakheart Property’s pursuit of further growth and development.

For additional information about Oakheart Property and its New Homes division, please visit www.oakheartproperty.co.uk.

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