Notts Sport Unveils Game-Changing ShockWave Collection

Notts Sport, a globally recognized leader in designing and providing high-performance sports systems, is proud to introduce its highly anticipated ShockWave Collection.

The ShockWave Collection marks a revolutionary advancement in sports system technology, delivering exceptional and unparalleled performance characteristics alongside a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. This collection offers a wide range of benefits across various sports disciplines, with a primary focus on enhancing the player experience and optimizing playing conditions.

Since its inception in 2014, ShockWave has been successfully implemented in over 26 projects, with the number steadily increasing each year. A notable example is the recent installation of a FIFA and World Rugby compliant 3G pitch at Preston School in Yeovil. This project featured the use of Tarkett’s PureGrain as the surface infill, a significant step towards a more environmentally conscious future by avoiding the use of rubber crumb infill, which has faced scrutiny and falls under an EU-wide ban on intentionally added microplastics.

Notts Sport’s Research and Development Department has been at the forefront of advancements in sports system technology since 2014, continuously meeting the demands of customers across all sectors who seek the most sustainable design solutions for their sports pitch projects. As a result, Notts Sport is proud to introduce an expanded range of ShockWave products.

  • ShockWave Onyx: This groundbreaking tile, now with a minimum of 35% recycled content, sets the sustainability standard for artificial sports systems. It leads the shock pad market by incorporating recycled materials while remaining 100% recyclable throughout the collection.
  • ShockWave Hockey X: Developed in collaboration with England and Great Britain Hockey star Sam Ward, ShockWave Hockey X Sam Ward is specifically designed for hockey. This denser and stronger tile offers GEN2 and Hockey Plus performance while retaining the core benefits of ShockWave technology.
  • ShockWave Platinum: This 2021 innovation is 15mm slimmer than its predecessor, resulting in a sleek 40mm profile. It maintains unmatched critical fall height results of up to 2.5m. Its exceptional UV stability makes it an excellent choice for projects in warmer climates.

Duncan Bennett, Managing Director at Notts Sport, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled to introduce the ShockWave Collection which highlights the ongoing success of Shockwave in the sports pitch sector and bringing new technology and sustainable design solutions for a wider range of customers,” said Duncan Bennett, Managing Director at Notts Sport. “Our team has dedicated extensive research and development to create this shockpad that addresses the evolving needs of athletes, facility managers, and schools. ShockWave embodies our commitment to innovation, safety, and performance excellence.”

For more details about the ShockWave Collection, you can join Notts Sport’s free webinar on September 25th at 12 pm. Sign up here.

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