Nene Capital Concludes Its Second Acquisition of 2023

Nene Capital, an investor that focuses on seizing opportunities in UK SMEs, is delighted to announce the successful finalisation of its acquisition of Serene Stone, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of exceptional architectural cast stone. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Nene Capital’s strategic growth plan and further cements its position as a prominent player in the upper SME manufacturing and engineering sector.

By drawing upon its vast experience and expertise in identifying and nurturing businesses with high growth potential, Nene Capital is thrilled to join forces with Serene Stone to drive expansion and unlock novel possibilities. The strong market presence, exceptional team, and innovative product offerings of Serene Stone align seamlessly with Nene Capital’s investment philosophy and long-term goals.

Under the terms of this acquisition, Serene Stone will operate as an independent entity within Nene Capital’s long-term investment portfolio, retaining its brand, management team, and existing business operations. This approach ensures a smooth transition while harnessing the resources and expertise of Nene Capital to support the expansion plans of Serene Stone.

“We extend a warm welcome to Serene Stone in becoming part of our portfolio,” expressed Stephen Bayliss, Managing Director of Nene Capital. “We strongly believe in the immense potential of Serene Stone and are dedicated to supporting their trajectory of growth. Our investment philosophy remains centered on creating value while considering risk. Together, we aim to unlock market opportunities, enhance customer value, and drive sustainable long-term success.”

Regarding the acquisition, Simon Stringer, Finance Director of Nene Capital, commented, “Serene Stone’s historical focus on quality and delivery has facilitated the establishment of a robust underlying financial and trading performance. These characteristics make it an exciting addition to our expanding collection of SME businesses.”

Both Nene Capital and Serene Stone are enthusiastic about the future prospects of this partnership and remain fully committed to delivering exceptional value to customers, employees, and stakeholders over the long haul.

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