Narro Newcastle Achieves Notable Success with Dual Framework Inclusions

Narro, a front-running engineering and consultancy firm, has announced a significant expansion in the North East of England. The company has recently been appointed to two esteemed frameworks: the University of Sunderland Civil and Structural Engineering Framework and the North Tyneside Civil and Structural Engineering Design Framework. These achievements signify a crucial step in Narro’s journey towards enhancing its engineering and consulting offerings in the region.

The University of Sunderland’s framework consolidates leading engineering firms to provide specialised support and expertise for a variety of civil and structural engineering projects within the university’s estates. Narro’s inclusion in this framework stands as a recognition of its outstanding reputation and its capacity to provide innovative civil and structural engineering solutions.

Similarly, the North Tyneside Framework allows Narro to work in conjunction with North Tyneside Council on crucial infrastructure and development initiatives. This role underscores Narro’s dedication to aiding the area’s growth and progress.

Narro is set to bring its wealth of experience and technical acumen to these frameworks, ensuring the successful realisation of projects crucial to the educational, public, and private sectors in the region. Since opening in 2022, Narro’s Newcastle office has established itself as a provider of environmentally considerate, technologically sophisticated, and economically viable engineering solutions.

Bill Calder, Associate and Section Leader for Narro’s Newcastle office, commented on these appointments: “We are excited and honored to be selected for the University of Sunderland Civil and Structural Engineering Framework and the North Tyneside Council Engineering Design Framework. These appointments reflect the trust that our clients place in us and are a testament to the experience and hard work of our expanding team. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to support the University of Sunderland and North Tyneside Council.”

In line with its mission to offer cutting-edge, sustainable, and practical engineering solutions, Narro’s foray into these frameworks reflects its commitment to addressing the dynamic needs of the North East. Through its involvement in both educational and public sector projects, Narro continues to play a pivotal role in fostering regional growth and improving infrastructure.

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