Nannybag’s Collaborative Luggage Storage Business Model Expands Its Presence in London

Nannybag is a thriving luggage storage company with over 500 locations worldwide. The company’s business is modelled on the sharing economy and is going from strength to strength, now expanding its growing network of London sites, including shops, hotels, restaurants, and cafés.

Nannybag solves the age-old problem of luggage storage for travellers on the go, between flights or accommodation or anyone that needs to stash their bags for a few hours, a day or more.

Nannybag has successfully reimagined the luggage storage experience, providing a cost-effective and accessible solution compared to expensive traditional airport or train station storage facilities.

Conveniently located all over central London and further afield, from Soho to Shoreditch and all points north, south, east and west, travellers can take advantage of dropping off their bags at the growing number of Nannybag locations.

Nannybag’s commitment to the values of the sharing economy has resulted in a platform that provides exceptional service to its users and empowers its partners by giving them complete parity in financial transactions.

By forging win-win partnerships with a diverse network of retailers, hotels, restaurants, and cafés, Nannybag is not only growing rapidly in London but is helping its partners, or nannies, as they are affectionately called, earn much-needed extra revenue in these challenging economic times.

The platform’s success stems from its ability to provide a mutually beneficial solution to travellers and businesses. At the core of this sharing economy model is a 50/50 fee split between Nannybag and its hosts that benefits everyone. Customers pay a fixed fee of £6 a bag, whatever the size, with no hidden extras, hosts earn half of that fee with no admin costs or hassle of running a booking system, and Nannybag does the rest.

With its reliable and secure service, travellers can explore new cities without worrying about carrying heavy luggage. And for local businesses, Nannybag provides an additional revenue stream without any heavy lifting.

Bruno, a wine merchant and Nannybag partner, says: “Partnering with Nannybag has been a game-changer. I’ve managed to generate a supplementary income each month without spending any money.  Customers are genuinely grateful or the opportunity to securely store their luggage, and we frequently see an uptick in additional sales”.

All the bookings go through the Nannybag app or website. Nannybag provides the biodegradable security tags and is responsible for end-to-end services, including bookings, responsibility for up to €1000 coverage for loss and damage. One in three “Nannies” say that their Nannybag customers spend money on their premises, adding to the income they earn from storing luggage.

Matthieu Ballester, CEO of Nannybag, says: “At Nannybag, we’re excited to be part of London’s growing sharing economy movement and to provide a practical solution for travellers and businesses alike. We believe that by connecting travellers with local businesses and hosts, we can provide an exceptional experience while supporting the communities we serve by helping their businesses thrive in these difficult times.”


For more information on Nannybag’s luggage storage facilities and pricing, visit the

Download the Nannybag app from the Apple Store or Google Play

For press enquiries, please contact at 07976 765453.


All Nannybag partners are fully vetted, and luggage is secured using a biodegradable tamper-proof tagging system. Customers can rest assured that their belongings will be safe and secure while they explore the city.

Nannybag charges a fixed fee of £6 per 24 hours; the price is the same. However large or small your bag is, there are no hidden extras or additional charges.

Customers can easily find a convenient location, with more Nannybag partners joining daily. Quickly book via the Nannybag app (available on the App Store or Google play) or the website, and explore the city unencumbered.

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