Muslim Marriage Services: Innovating Matrimonial Solutions with Digital Security

In London, UK, a new initiative called Muslim Marriage Services (MMS) is offering an innovative solution to the Muslim marriage crisis, combining cutting-edge technology with traditional family values. Founded by social entrepreneur Hajji Laird Mostafa, MMS leverages secure Digital ID technology, similar to that used by the government of Jersey and UK cinemas, to provide a trusted platform for Muslims seeking matrimony.

Hajji Mostafa, addressing the challenges faced by the Muslim community, stated, “Worldwide, there are two billion Muslims, and around 300-400 million are single and keen to marry. We want to make it easier for them.” The platform is designed to tackle issues like online fraud and the high divorce rates seen in Muslim communities in the UK and North America.

Some challenges are universal, such as online fraud. That and a 42% divorce rate for Muslims in the UK and 31% amongst North American Muslim communities contribute to added shame and stigma for many individuals involved – and often their families. Finding another partner after a failed marriage can also be contentious.

MMS targets students and young professionals, integrating features such as Extended Validation Site Security Certification for digital security and trust. “We are here to help Muslims find love built on trust and digital security. That’s why MMS is the only matrimonial service on the planet to use Extended Validation Site Security Certification,” said Hajji Mostafa.

The service also handles DBS certificates and their international equivalents for background screening. It respects the traditional role of chaperones and guardians in Muslim marriages, allowing for their inclusion and validation on the platform. Features like safeguarding, discreet monitoring, and messaging make it a comprehensive service.

Currently operational in the UK, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, MMS dedicates 50% of its profits to supporting deprived global communities. The service is focused on facilitating marriages, with plans to host live events and partnerships like the one with Insightology (UK), offering emotional support to premium members.

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