MCS Cleaning & Maintenance LTD Welcomes Gemclean LTD into Its Family

MCS Cleaning & Maintenance LTD, a renowned cleaning services provider based in Leicester, is delighted to announce the acquisition of Gemclean LTD. This acquisition marks a significant milestone as MCS Cleaning & Maintenance takes over a trusted name in the cleaning industry.

Gemclean LTD was founded in 1977 in Berkshire as a modest window cleaning service. Under the stewardship of Jack and Karen Hobbs, it expanded its offerings to include carpet, upholstery, and commercial office cleaning. Known for its meticulous attention to detail, Gemclean developed a reputation for exceptional service, embodied by Jack Hobbs’ philosophy: “Take care of the edges, and the middle will look after itself.”

As Jack Hobbs retires at the age of 72, the legacy of Gemclean LTD is being entrusted to his daughter Kelly and her husband Tim Blacknell, who currently run MCS Cleaning & Maintenance LTD. Kelly recalls her formative years at Gemclean, learning the importance of diligence and attention to detail from her parents.

“I am so proud of both my parents and all their hard work and dedication to their business and teaching us that hard life goes a long way,” Kelly said. She admires her father’s commitment to his work and his extra efforts for his customers and team. “He would always go that extra mile for his customers and team even when they didn’t expect it.”

Kelly has incorporated this ethos into MCS Cleaning & Maintenance LTD, emphasizing personal touches such as handwritten birthday cards and recognition initiatives like Spin the Wheel and Site of the Month. “From handwriting everyone’s birthday cards to recognising people’s achievements with Spin the Wheel and Site of the Month, the business is committed to upholding the same level of care and dedication that our customers have come to expect,” Kelly added.

Under the new leadership, Gemclean LTD will continue to serve its clientele in Berkshire and surrounding areas with the same standard of excellence that has defined it for decades, now under the banner of MCS Cleaning & Maintenance LTD.

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