Manhattan Active® Point of Sale Rolls Out Enhanced Store Associate Experience

Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) has announced the latest enhancements to its Manhattan Active® Point of Sale (POS) application, designed to align with the dynamic needs of today’s store associates. The updated store app now includes integrated clienteling capabilities to drive sales and improve service, features ultra-fast checkout, and is capable of functioning offline without the necessity of an in-store server.

Confronting the challenges and seizing the opportunities presented by the digital native shopper of today, Manhattan is steadfast in its commitment to continual innovation. The company partners with its clientele to ensure store associates are optimally equipped to unlock the full potential of their stores. As a crucial component of the Manhattan Active Omni suite, the new store app adeptly integrates essential elements such as Customer, Catalog, Cart, and Fulfillment, empowering store associates to elevate sales and service.

As part of Manhattan’s cloud-native point of sale system, the store app has been updated to manage the often unpredictable nature of store network connectivity with finesse. Emphasising simplicity, the app actively monitors and adapts to network connection stability, mitigating issues ranging from minor disruptions to complete loss of connection. Additionally, the app keeps key data in-memory on the device, facilitating ultra-fast item scanning and checkout processes, crucial for enhancing in-store sales conversion.

Commenting on the updates, Robby Dewling, director of Product Management at Manhattan Associates, said, “In a retail environment that places a premium on serving the customer as gracefully and efficiently as possible, having a point of sale that maximises omnichannel selling and service while rolling with the punches of the store network is quickly becoming table stakes. Manhattan Active Point of Sale’s omnichannel customer view and advanced engagement tools allow associates to personalise interactions and craft memorable shopping experiences.”

Dewling further emphasised the company’s commitment to innovation, “These latest enhancements serve to underline our commitment to innovation and the people-first design process that underpins and differentiates our solutions and approach. Many of these functional and technical enhancements were designed in close collaboration with our Manhattan Active Point of Sale customer community, some of retail’s most forward-thinking omnichannel sellers.”

The Manhattan Active store app is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, offering complete app extensibility that allows retailers to customise the layout and experience to suit their brand’s unique needs.

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