Made With Intent Secures £1.5m Investment to Transform eCommerce Customer Insights

Made With Intent has successfully raised £1.5 million in seed funding to advance their innovative segmentation platform, aimed at revolutionising eCommerce interactions. The investment round was led by Mercuri, with contributions from Portfolio Ventures and existing investor Haatch, underscoring robust support for the company’s vision to refine eCommerce through more tailored customer insights.

David Mannheim, the founder of Made With Intent, identified a critical gap in online retail strategies, which has led to the creation of this platform. “The current measures of success are the problem. Metrics like conversion rate, and therefore the actions retailers take to improve them, are short-term, retrospective and aggregated,” David noted. “This creates a race to the bottom. A numbers game that forgets how people really buy.”

With its new platform, Made With Intent introduces a dual advantage for retailers: enhanced segmentation of website performance and a predictive targeting mechanism that adjusts to customer needs instantaneously. The company has reported a 9.4% average revenue uplift with this intent-based approach over traditional methods.

David elaborated on the shortcomings of current eCommerce practices: “eCommerce is often guilty of trying to convert all customers at all times,” he said. “It focuses on the minority who are ready to buy, at the expense of those who are not. Our product helps retailers be appropriate for every customer. To progress both in-market and future buyers.”

The Beta version of the platform has already seen success with key clients such as Ernest Jones, Bensons for Beds, and Rapha, demonstrating the ability to align sales strategies with actual consumer behaviour. Nik Fletcher, Head of Digital Experience at Rapha, praised the platform: “the closest we can get to understanding subconscious visitor signals, like we can in a physical store.”

The platform’s technology leverages over 250 signals from online shopper behaviour to deliver real-time predictive intent metrics, automatically segmenting visitors based on their purchase likelihood and engagement level.

Made With Intent integrates seamlessly with over 40 marketing tools, enabling eCommerce teams to enhance shopper experiences using their existing tech stacks.

Alan Hudson of Mercuri highlighted the strategic significance of their investment: “Made With Intent has embraced first-principle thinking and a decade of insights to shake up the vast eCommerce market,” he commented. “It empowers online commerce, making it more personal and focused on the quality of prospective customers. The product roadmap excites us and, importantly, those using it.”

The firm’s vision extends beyond just a platform; as David Mannheim puts it, “Made With Intent is about more than a platform. It’s about a movement to create a more personal, human eCommerce. This investment brings us closer to fulfilling our mission.”

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