Lexxic Presents: “Taking Action for Impact: Cultivating a Neuro-Inclusive Workplace” to Commemorate National Inclusion Week

Lexxic, a trailblazing neurodiversity consultancy committed to assisting businesses in nurturing diverse and neuro-inclusive workplaces, is set to host an engaging webinar on September 27th, 2023, from 12pm to 1pm, coinciding with National Inclusion Week. Established by Inclusive Employers, this week serves as a platform to celebrate inclusion and underscore the importance of inclusive work environments.

Under the theme “Taking Action, Making Impact,” this year urges individuals and organisations to consider concrete steps they can take to positively influence others. National Inclusion Week encourages companies to actively contribute to fostering an atmosphere where the distinctive viewpoints of each individual are valued and embraced.

Given that around 1 in 7 individuals in the UK and Ireland identify as having a neurodifference, there’s a growing recognition of the significance of inclusivity. Lexxic acknowledges the imperative for organisations to establish a workplace culture that welcomes all cognitive styles and ensures neurodivergent individuals experience a true sense of belonging.

Lexxic’s upcoming webinar, titled “Creating a Neuro-Inclusive Culture at Work,” will equip participants with actionable insights to foster a culture of neuro-inclusion that permeates the entire employee lifecycle.

This interactive session will define neuro-inclusion and underscore its pivotal role in shaping an organisation’s culture. It will provide strategies for organisations to initiate and advance their journey towards achieving neuro-inclusion. Furthermore, it will spotlight the myriad benefits of cultivating a neuro-inclusive environment, including its positive impact on neurodivergent individuals. The webinar will also showcase how Lexxic’s expertise can guide organisations in their pursuit of neuro-inclusion.

The interactive nature of the webinar will allow attendees to actively engage in the conversation and pose questions to the host and neurodiversity experts featured in the session.

“At Lexxic, we firmly believe that genuine progress towards a more inclusive world commences within the walls of each workplace,” stated Brooke Elias, Director of Marketing and Communication at Lexxic.

“Our webinar aims to equip organisations with the knowledge and strategies required to embrace neurodiversity and create an environment where every mind finds a rightful place.”

This informative event is poised to be a significant step forward in the journey towards heightened workplace inclusivity. For more information and to register, please visit Take Action, Make Impact: How to Create a Neuro-inclusive Culture at Work (lexxic.com).

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