King Charles’ UFO Hotline to President Biden Revealed in Upcoming Film “The King of UFOs”

In a shocking revelation, Nick Pope, former employee of the UK’s UFO desk, has urged King Charles to step into the world of UFO disclosure. The call comes as part of an upcoming documentary titled “The King of UFOs,” set to premiere on Tubi and Ayozat in November.

Pope, a renowned figure in the world of UFO investigations, believes that King Charles can play a pivotal role in revealing the truth about UFOs and initiating the disclosure process in the UK. The documentary delves into several ways the monarch can accomplish this, underlining his unique position and access to global leaders, most notably, President Joe Biden.

In a candid statement featured in the film, Pope stated, “Here is somebody who could pick up the phone and say, ‘Look, what’s going on in the United States?’ He could ask for a full classified briefing.” King Charles’ direct access to the U.S. President could potentially be a game-changer in the quest for transparency regarding UFOs.

Additionally, the King can leverage his influence within the UK government. He can request his ministers in the UK Parliament to provide a written report on UFO phenomena, particularly focusing on their defense implications. Any unidentified objects in UK airspace could pose both a defense and safety concern.

The documentary also suggests that King Charles might covertly inspire Members of Parliament (MPs) to initiate the disclosure process in the UK. This could be accomplished through tabling parliamentary questions, mirroring the approach that kickstarted the disclosure process in the United States. A groundswell of public opinion could then compel the Defense Minister to hold a hearing.

Pope further notes in the film that King Charles is likely to have a personal interest in UFOs, citing the curiosity previously displayed by his father, Prince Philip, and his great-uncle, Lord Mountbatten.

Directed by musician and UFO expert Mark Christopher Lee, the film, “The King of UFOs,” also uncovers a controversial aspect surrounding UFO investigations. Lee’s documentary asserts that, akin to certain factions in the US military and Congress, there are elements within the UK government that consider UFO sightings to have a “demonic” connection, making them too dangerous to investigate.

Mark Christopher Lee, who previously directed the hit Tubi film “God Versus Aliens,” explores the spiritual implications of first contact in “The King of UFOs.” The documentary also features an exclusive interview with former Canadian diver Dan Costello, who claims to have worked with Prince Charles on “Project Serpico” in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1975. According to Costello, he witnessed Charles piloting an experimental craft resembling a UFO, powered by a unique form of electromagnetism with adverse effects on those in close proximity. Costello’s account credits Charles’s piloting skills with saving lives on that day.

“The King of UFOs” is set to be released on Tubi and Ayozat in November, and it promises to shed new light on the UFO phenomenon and King Charles’ potential role in the world of UFO disclosure.

Watch an excerpt from Nick Pope’s interview in the film here.

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