Jack Parsons Launches Global Mission to Support Millions

Renowned entrepreneur Jack Parsons is launching an ambitious mission to support millions of people worldwide in achieving their work, money, and health goals. Known for his innovative thinking and practical approach, Jack aims to highlight lesser-known careers, improve financial literacy, and enhance mental health resources in workplaces. He is achieving this by creating solutions, content, and partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands to support the next generation.

Jack, widely recognised for his catchphrase “What’s your duvet flip?” from the UK’s leading career show My Duvet Flip, is leveraging his extensive network of business leaders, politicians, and influencers to drive his mission. His connections span high-profile figures, including CEOs of FTSE 100 companies and the UK Prime Minister.

Jack’s personal experiences have shaped his dedication to this mission. Growing up without financial stability and role models, he understands the transformative power of finding one’s career passion and managing money effectively.

Jack’s audience has grown from a community of 1.8 million young adults to include the UK’s largest businesses, parents, politicians, and professionals. Annually, he reaches 97 million people through social media, TV, radio, and other media channels. Brands such as easyJet, Hyatt Hotels, and SSE seek Jack for his trusted perspective and positive storytelling.

Jack has contributed to strategic decisions and played a significant role in the Chancellor’s Kickstart Scheme, creating thousands of jobs. As an Ambassador for the Big Issue, Jack has helped prevent homelessness by supporting vendors to overcome social disadvantages and achieve financial stability. Through the Youth Verified Initiative, he has verified over 350 businesses and motivated 7 million people to start their day with ‘My Duvet Flip’.

He promotes T-Level careers, supports the Maori community, and advocates for mental health in the workplace. Jack has accelerated young entrepreneurs with GoDaddy and worked on opportunities through Simply Business’ Business Boost and the British Business Bank. Additionally, he has showcased careers in The British Army to 70,000 new potential recruits.

“Jack’s relentless dedication to creating opportunities and driving positive change is truly inspiring. His strategic insights and compassionate approach have not only supported countless individuals and businesses but have also set a new standard for impactful leadership. It’s a privilege to work alongside someone who continuously strives to make a difference on such a grand scale,” said Leon Marseglia, Executive Producer and Co-owner of Jack Parsons Ventures and Investments.

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