Investing in the Future: Bolton Digital Marketing Agency Ploughs Five Figures a Year into Staff Training

Every day’s a school day at The Audit Lab. The Bolton-based digital marketing agency has announced plans to invest £10,000 a year into its staff’s training and development.

With a personal annual budget, every member of The Audit Lab will get to spend it as they please – with the caveat that it must go on their professional development.

Whether it’s prepping for the upcoming GA4 switch, travelling cross country for an industry conference, or honing their current craft with an online course, the money is theirs to do as they wish! 

Each member of staff also gets a bespoke personal development plan, with twice yearly pay reviews, to ensure concrete goals are always in place. These training budget plans are the next step to keeping people around for the long term. 

Claire Crompton, commercial director and co-founder at The Audit Lab, says she’s always been keen to invest in talent: “When you find the right people, you want to do whatever you can to keep them. Our focus has always been on locking in a strong core team who can not only be given the freedom to do their job, but also to hone their skills even further. Something we’ve learned quickly is that if you invest in your staff, then they’ll return the favour in a multitude of ways.”

This latest addition to the many perks offered by The Audit Lab – including 10-4 working hours, unlimited holidays, and their infamous hangover days – comes off the back of six new client wins in 2023, and two senior hires to round out the core teams.

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