Innovative SEO Gathering in Lancashire: The Unscripted SEO Meetup

In an exciting development poised to redefine SEO networking events, Mark A Preston, a distinguished SEO Trainer & Speaker and proud resident of Lancashire, is delighted to introduce the ‘Unscripted SEO Meetup‘. This novel monthly event invites enthusiasts and professionals within the SEO sphere to participate in spontaneous, open dialogues about the constantly changing landscape of Search Engine Optimisation.

Held in the scenic city of Preston, the ‘Unscripted SEO Meetup’ deviates from the traditional format of structured gatherings. Occurring every second Thursday of the month between 6pm and 9pm, the event offers a casual yet intellectually enriching environment, driven solely by a collective enthusiasm for SEO.

The ‘Unscripted SEO Meetup’ moves away from predetermined speaker line-ups and agendas, fostering a more natural, dynamic form of networking and knowledge exchange. Participants are prompted to delve into a wide array of SEO subjects, ranging from emerging trends to established practices.

The meetup warmly invites individuals from all backgrounds with an interest in SEO, including small business proprietors, agency heads, and those looking to make their mark in the SEO field. It provides a unique platform for networking and learning in a relaxed setting.

Emphasising its commitment to an impartial forum, the ‘Unscripted SEO Meetup’ is proud to remain sponsor-free, ensuring an environment where ideas and experiences can be shared freely and openly.

Mark commented, “Hosting the Unscripted SEO Meetup in Preston, Lancashire fills me with immense excitement. This event is more than a mere local gathering; it’s a community where your insights, your creativity, and your zeal for SEO are valued. Irrespective of your level of expertise, I encourage you to be part of this distinctive, unscripted exploration of SEO. Together, we’ll create a meaningful impact, one discussion at a time.”

To reserve your place, visit Unscripted SEO Meetup. Should you require further details, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark A Preston through the Unscripted SEO Meetup’s website –

Seize this thrilling chance to engage and evolve within the SEO community. The inaugural ‘Unscripted SEO Meetup’ event is set to take place at the Samlesbury Hotel, from 6pm to 9pm on 8th February 2024, and your participation is eagerly anticipated, promising a journey of discovery with every conversation.

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