Hurd & Co Announces Innovative Training Academy for Home-Based Crafters in the UK

Hurd & Co, a prominent Somerset-based craft industry leader, proudly unveils its UK Training Academy, set to launch in 2024. This cutting-edge online academy is designed for home-based crafters aiming to evolve their hobbies into prosperous business endeavours.

The company’s journey, originating from a small-scale knitting hobby in Somerset to its evolution into a multi-award-winning business, reflects the founder’s unwavering commitment to the craft industry. The academy’s courses, hosted on the Skool online platform, include “How to Start,” “Stand Out,” and “Sell at Your First or Next Craft Fair,” functioning as a comprehensive “business in a box” package.

Each course consists of 12 meticulously planned modules, guiding learners through the complexities of starting and growing a successful craft business. This initiative has been officially endorsed by the Rural Living Show in Taunton, a testament to its excellence in the craft sector.

The force behind Hurd & Co, Dawn Hurd, has an extraordinary story of resilience. In 2009, as a mother of three and after enduring 8 miscarriages, she shifted from the fitness and health industry to crafts. Investing about £18,000 in Big Business Events coaching, she transitioned from losses at craft fairs to significant sales at major events, including the 2019 Pure London Fashion Show’s United Nations installation.

Dawn’s experience forms the bedrock of the UK Training Academy, with the aim to impart vital entrepreneurial skills to aspiring crafters. The academy is an extension of Hurd & Co’s ethos, which is inspired by nature and community-driven.

Additionally, Hurd & Co has introduced “Sit and Knit,” a weekly, no-cost community group, held both physically and online, to encourage creativity and fellowship, particularly among older adults.

Hurd & Co also contributes to social causes, supporting Age UK Somerset with 5% of the proceeds from every adult scarf sale and participating in the ethical wool campaign with King Charles III as its patron.

Dawn Hurd emphasizes, “Empowering individuals go beyond where they are currently to generate an income, turn hobbies into profitable enterprises is a daily passion of mine.”

To participate in Sit & Knit, attend an online masterclass, or learn more about the Training Academy, head to Explore the transformative influence of creativity and community with us.

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