Honouring Industry Leaders: The 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards

The 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards, focusing on exceptional achievements in the transportation and logistics industry, have proudly revealed this year’s winners and finalists. These esteemed awards recognise and highlight the innovation, efficiency, and outstanding performance of companies and individuals in providing effective and dependable logistics and transportation solutions.

Winners of the 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards
● Dash Couriers (Wiltshire) Ltd – Rising Star Award
● Staci – Best UK Logistics Business, Best International Logistics Business
● Clockwork Removals and Storage – Best Home Moving Business
● Trimline Group – Industry Leader In Transportation
● P2P Customs, Dean Swift Building – Best Import/Export Business

Finalists for the 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards
● Alltranz Ltd – Best Home Moving Business
● Dash Couriers (Wiltshire) Ltd – Best UK Logistics Business
● Ant’s Auto Mobiles (Fergie Fleet) Ltd – Industry Leader In Transportation
● Lorand Kiraly, Rolling Load – Rising Star Award

The 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards commend the winners and finalists for their significant contributions and commitment to enhancing the logistics and transportation sector. Their essential efforts play a pivotal role in advancing the industry, ensuring efficient operations, and adapting to the changing demands of worldwide trade.

For more information on the 2023 Haulage and Logistics Awards or to organise interviews, please contact Business Awards UK.

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