Honoring Excellence: Announcing the Winners & Finalists of the 2023 Independent Education Awards

We are delighted to unveil the distinguished winners and accomplished finalists of the 2023 Independent Education Awards. This annual event stands as a prestigious platform to commend the exceptional contributors within the independent education sector in the UK. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the schools, institutions, and service providers whose extraordinary initiatives, unwavering dedication, and significant impacts have earned them well-deserved recognition on this illustrious list.

2023 Independent Education Awards Winners

  • Chatsworth Schools: Best UK Independent Education Provider, Fastest Growing ILP
  • Education Choices Magazine: Excellence in Accessible Education For All
  • Cohort Tuition: Most Positive Community Impact
  • International Curriculum Association: Most Individualised Education
  • Geopace Training: Best Use of Technology, Best Careers Advice Offering
  • Pro-Tech MOT & Automotive Academy: Best ILP For Mature Students
  • Cambridge Online Education Ltd: Best Independent School
  • The Study Centre: Rising Star Award
  • Diane Pye, DPSI Knowledge Education: Best Staff Training and Development

2023 Independent Education Awards Finalists

  • Chatsworth Schools: Most Positive Community Impact
  • GreenOnlineSpaces ltd: Most Positive Community Impact
  • Cohort Tuition: Most Individualised Education, Best Staff Training and Development, Excellence in Accessible Education For All
  • International Curriculum Association: Best UK Independent Education Provider
  • Arden University: Best UK Independent Education Provider, Most Individualised Education, Best Careers Advice Offering
  • The Study Centre: Excellence in Accessible Education For All
  • Education Choices Magazine: Best Use of Technology
  • Pro-Tech MOT & Automotive Academy: Fastest Growing ILP, Rising Star Award
  • Cambridge Online Education Ltd: Most Individualised Education
  • Diane Pye, DPSI Knowledge Education: Rising Star Award

These awards signify a benchmark of excellence and stand as a testament to the dedication and vision of each winner and finalist. They hold significant weight within the education community, spotlighting innovative practices, community engagement, and a commitment to tailor-made educational pathways. For established institutions, these accolades can enhance their reputation and foster new partnerships, while emerging entities gain a robust platform to establish visibility and credibility within the industry. Beyond the immediate recognition, these awards set a standard that inspires educational institutions to continually evolve, contributing to the advancement of independent education in the UK.

For further inquiries about the 2023 Independent Education Awards, please contact Business Awards UK.

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