Hendy Group Expands Stellantis Partnership with FIAT Franchise

The Hendy Group, a prominent automotive dealership, is set to strengthen its relationship with Stellantis by incorporating the FIAT franchise into its Vauxhall site located in Poole. This strategic move is part of Hendy Group’s ongoing efforts to enhance its collaboration with Stellantis across regions in Dorset, Wiltshire, and Kent.

Paul Hendy, a key figure in the Hendy Group, expressed enthusiasm about the development. He stated, “The Stellantis brand portfolio is really exciting for us, and this latest addition to our relationship demonstrates our commitment to growing with the Maserati, Vauxhall, Peugeot, and FIAT brands.”

Maria Grazia Davino, Stellantis UK Group Managing Director, also welcomed the extended partnership, emphasizing Hendy Group’s rich history dating back to 1859 and its unwavering dedication to customer excellence. “Our future relationship will be very positive, and I look forward to being part of its continued development,” Davino noted.

Hendy further underscored the significance of this expansion, emphasizing the company’s commitment to the southern region and its continuous investments in facilities. He stated, “It really is an exciting time for the Group, as we continue to invest in our facilities to reinforce our long-term commitment to the south, investment in our future, and providing a high-quality service for motorists across the south coast.”

The inclusion of the FIAT franchise into the existing Vauxhall site in Branksome, Poole, is scheduled for early 2024. With this addition, the Hendy Group’s representation will span over 20 brands, with a presence in more than 57 locations and a turnover exceeding £1 billion.

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