Headline: Davion Healthcare Grants $120 Million Global License for BreastCheck™ Home Test to NeuRX Health Inc

Davion Healthcare Plc, a leading figure in the medical device manufacturing industry, has finalized a groundbreaking deal, granting a Global Manufacturing and Distribution License for its innovative BreastCheck™ home test for Breast Anomalies, including Breast Cancer, to NeuRX Health Inc for an impressive $120 million USD. The agreement includes ongoing royalty payments tied to global sales of the revolutionary diagnostic tool.

The strategic partnership, announced by Davion’s CEO Jack Kaye, signifies a momentous leap forward in accessible healthcare technology. The non-invasive BreastCheck™, a Class 1 Medical Device registered with regulatory bodies in the USA (FDA), Europe (CE), and the United Kingdom (UKCA), offers users quick and immediate results within just fifteen minutes, enabling early detection of breast anomalies, including cancer, in the comfort of one’s home.

“This collaboration with NeuRX Health Inc as our global manufacturer and distributor marks a significant milestone for this crucial product,” expressed Jack Kaye, Davion’s CEO. “The extensive experience and expertise of the NeuRX team in international manufacturing and distribution of medical products make them an ideal partner for this venture.”

This lucrative licensing agreement follows Davion’s recent announcement of a $30 million IPO fundraising round and its forthcoming NASDAQ listing through The Bank of New York Melon, further bolstering the company’s financial standing and growth prospects.

NeuRX Health Inc’s CEO, Robert Hainey, echoed the sentiment, stating, “We are excited about the vast potential that this global licensing agreement presents. Davion’s BreastCheck™ product, a groundbreaking innovation, is poised to garner substantial demand on an international scale.”

Anticipating a successful IPO and listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the first quarter of 2024 (subject to market forces), Davion remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional value to shareholders while continuing to drive innovation within the medical sector.


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