Hana Piranha Recounts “Dark Abusive” Relationship in New Single ‘Lorelei’

Hana Piranha’s latest single, ‘Lorelei,’ now available, delivers a raw, sultry, occasionally aggressive, and consistently powerful alternative anthem. Featured on her upcoming album ‘Wingspan,’ ‘Lorelei’ serves as Hana’s personal account of an abusive relationship, inviting listeners to partake in the healing process not only through the music but also through the visceral vulnerability that propels her.

Reflecting on the single, Hana Piranha shared, “Lorelei was inspired by my ex-boyfriend, who I was in a really abusive relationship with. I feel lucky to have actually survived that relationship, it was just really dark, so the song is about that quite explicitly. I chose Lorelei, a mythical mermaid who lures sailors to their deaths, so it makes it a bit of a revenge song too. It’s why we chose to make the music video underwater.”

The accompanying music video for ‘Lorelei,’ filmed against the sun-soaked beaches of Cannes in the south of France, offers a contrasting backdrop to the song’s darker theme. Yet, it skillfully encapsulates the emotions and narrative woven into ‘Lorelei,’ showcasing Hana Piranha’s deep appreciation for pushing creative boundaries.

Upon listening to ‘Lorelei’ and witnessing the video, one can discern Hana Piranha’s musical influences. Within the song’s tapestry are catchy synth lines reminiscent of Muse or Nine Inch Nails, evocative string arrangements akin to PJ Harvey, and the presence of powerful guitars that define great rock anthems. Above all, Hana Piranha’s distinct and emotive voice takes centre stage, alternating between sultry purrs and powerful wails. From the opening line, “Ask me who I are,” to the resounding cry of “LORELEI,” it becomes evident that Hana Piranha is a formidable frontwoman deserving of admiration and respect.

Hana Piranha’s latest single, ‘Lorelei,’ is now available on all major streaming platforms. Her new album, ‘Wingspan,’ is set for a worldwide release on November 17, 2023.

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