Launches to Aid Customers in Making Eco-Friendly Car Choices

Today sees the launch of, an innovative new website set to revolutionise the car buying experience by assisting customers in making well-informed, eco-friendly choices. is a beneficial, free, and unbiased resource that provides personalised guidance like never before. This pioneering website is designed to be the ultimate tool for car buyers, offering free, comprehensive, impartial advice and support.

This platform is set to transform how customers choose their vehicles, utilising the latest in artificial intelligence to help them select the right car.

Simon Hackett, Managing Director at, stated: “We are beyond excited to unveil to the world.

“Our mission is to simplify the car buying process while informing customers about more sustainable choices. We believe this website will not only make it easier for customers to find their ideal car but also potentially contribute to reducing the environmental impact of vehicle ownership.” provides free personalised advice on purchasing a car, a free valuation for a customer’s current vehicle, a free EV route planner, and tips on reducing emissions.

The platform delivers quick, reliable responses and personalised advice, making the car buying experience seamless and stress-free. Whether customers are navigating the complexities of government policies, understanding electrification, or simply seeking the best options for their needs, provides clarity and support.

Beyond its environmental focus, offers comprehensive advice on all aspects of car buying and selling. This includes expert tips on purchasing new cars, part-exchanging old vehicles, and obtaining valuations to ensure users get the best deals on the car that suits them. The platform’s intuitive interface and extensive resources make it the ultimate first stop for anyone looking to change their car.

The website also features a free EV route planner, which plots the most efficient route for a specific vehicle and charge level, allowing users to easily select their preferred charging network and even nearby coffee shops.

In these uncertain times, with rapid changes in government policy and the rise of electrification, aims to offer clarity and support. As the automotive landscape evolves, this website is designed to help consumers navigate the complexities of modern car buying with ease and confidence.

Simon Hackett added: “We are not Greenwashing this important purchase. We aim to give free, impartial advice tailored to the needs of our users. We will give you the information you need to make the choice that is right for you.

“With its innovative features and instant, free guidance, I believe sets a new benchmark in the automotive industry.”

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