Goldtree Reserve Enhances Security in Gold Transportation with Expanded Emirates Sky Cargo Partnership

Goldtree Reserve, a prominent player in the gold trade, has recently announced a significant evolution in its cargo transportation strategy. This strategic move, aimed at further reducing risk and bolstering the security of its precious cargo, involves Goldtree Reserve’s licensed entity confirming an agreement with the licensed exporter to distribute its gold cargo across three Emirate Sky Cargo planes for every trade. This innovative approach departs from the previous single-plane arrangement.

This pivotal decision is part of Goldtree Reserve’s Licensed entity’s ongoing dedication to improving the safety and dependability of its operations. By dividing the gold cargo among multiple aircraft, the company significantly diminishes the risks associated with moving its valuable cargo from Ghana to Dubai. Should an incident occur, such as a plane crash, only a third of the gold cargo would be impacted, establishing a strong contingency plan to counter potential losses.

Jacob Moore, Founder & CEO at Goldtree Reserve, commented on the new strategy, stating, “This new arrangement signifies a remarkable step forward in our commitment to the security and integrity of our operations. By distributing our Gold cargo across three planes, we are not only minimising risk but also ensuring a more resilient approach to any unforeseen circumstances during transit.”

This development has been warmly received by all involved in Goldtree Reserve’s gold trading operations. Clients and stakeholders can now have increased confidence, knowing that proactive steps have been taken to protect their investments.

Looking to the future, Goldtree Reserve’s licensed entity plans to further augment its cargo security measures. Throughout 2024, the company aims to expand its operations to include five planes, reinforcing its pledge to offer a secure and dependable gold trading experience.

Goldtree Reserve remains committed to ongoing innovation and improvement in its business operations. The licensed entity’s adoption of a multi-plane distribution strategy underscores its firm commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety and efficiency in the gold trade.

Following a highly successful year in 2023, Goldtree Reserve takes pride in its achievements, particularly highlighting the exceptional performance of its investment program during a period when gold prices soared to record highs. This success positions Goldtree Reserve not only as a leader in the field but also as a prime choice for High Net Worth clients seeking to protect and grow their wealth in these uncertain market conditions.

As global demand for gold escalates, driven by economic uncertainties and the appeal of tangible assets, Goldtree Reserve distinguishes itself as a reliable and profitable choice for investors looking to leverage the precious metal’s increasing value.

This milestone further cements Goldtree’s reputation as an industry leader and elevates its platform as an attractive investment vehicle for discerning investors.

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