Glowfrog Video Production Expands Its Reach to Nottingham

Glowfrog, a distinguished video production company originally from Derby, is excited to announce its expansion with a new office in Nottingham. This expansion reflects the company’s commitment to better serve the Nottingham area and its surrounding regions, while continuing to provide exceptional corporate video production services.

Glowfrog’s venture into Nottingham marks a significant milestone in its growth trajectory, showing its unwavering commitment to adapt to the changing needs of businesses in the East Midlands. The Nottingham office will allow Glowfrog to offer more personalised and prompt services to its clients, leveraging its renowned expertise in award-winning video production.

Nottingham, home to various video production firms, will now benefit from Glowfrog’s unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and a proven record of producing outstanding corporate videos. The company, celebrated for its award-winning video production services, is known for crafting visually stunning content that surpasses client expectations.

The expansion into Nottingham is more than just a physical growth; it signifies Glowfrog’s intent to intimately understand and respond to the specific video production requirements of Nottingham’s dynamic business sector. By establishing a presence in Nottingham, Glowfrog is set to offer a more customised and agile approach to meeting the unique video production needs of the local businesses.

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