Free Training: Transform Your Transferable Skills into a Classroom Career

Principal Resourcing Education Specialists have introduced the ‘Get into the Classroom’ initiative in response to a significant surge in demand for unqualified classroom staff by schools. Recognising the scarcity of individuals with classroom experience to fill the ever-growing number of vacancies, they decided to take action.

The ‘Get into the Classroom’ program by Principal Resourcing offers free training to individuals with transferable skills, enabling them to kickstart a career in education as a Teaching Assistant and Cover Supervisor.

‘Get into the Classroom’ presents an opportunity to work in schools even without a PGCE or any college/university-level education training. Principal Resourcing has enlisted two in-house Trainers, boasting a collective 35 years of experience across both primary and secondary sectors. They seek candidates with transferable skills, particularly those possessing a patient, nurturing nature, along with strong literacy and numeracy abilities.

Becky Scott, a candidate with Principal Resourcing, shared her experience: “The transferable skills that I realised I had from being in healthcare were person-centered care, being nurturing, and being able to build positive, trusting relationships. The advice I’d give to people wanting to get into the classroom is just do it. The support and training aren’t just for getting you into the classroom; it’s there all the time. Principal Resourcing is literally just on the other end of the phone.”

Principal Resourcing equips their candidates with specific classroom skills, including training tailored to individual schools’ needs, aligning with their ethos and policies. Additionally, Principal Resourcing provides tools and training for roles in SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) settings.

If you possess transferable skills and are willing to commit to at least ten hours of training, along with additional homework and follow-ups with a mentor, Principal Resourcing will provide you with all the training required to embark on a child-focused career. Following this training, you can join their pool of candidates working in schools across Yorkshire and its surrounding areas.

If you’re interested in the ‘Get into the Classroom’ initiative, you can submit an inquiry form on Principal Resourcing’s website, and they will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Principal Resourcing has been placing local candidates in schools across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire since 2004. As a DfE-approved agency, they take pride in recruiting and retaining high-quality supply teachers and support staff. Their candidates are central to their business, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of training and support.

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