Female Entrepreneurs Launch Groundbreaking Online Art Gallery in Guatemala City

Art Harvest International, the creation of two Guatemalan visionaries, is delighted to announce the launch of one of the country’s first online art galleries.

Co-founded by Lourdes Amaro and Gabriela Suárez, the platform aspires to make Guatemalan fine art accessible to art enthusiasts worldwide.

Art Harvest International features an exquisite selection of original artworks from some of the finest Guatemalan and Guatemalan-based artists.

The gallery provides a platform for both established art masters and emerging talents, offering them the chance to reach and inspire a global audience.

Lourdes and Gabriela have spent over a year overcoming socioeconomic challenges to create new opportunities for artists and their families.

With over 15 years of experience working closely with artists, Lourdes brings a wealth of industry knowledge, while artist and mother of two Gabriela adds her creative spirit and personal passion for art to the venture. Together, they form a powerful combination of expertise and fresh artistic perspective.

Gabriela said: “There is fantastic art in our country, and we are here to celebrate it and serve as a window to the world.

“There has been a lot of hard work to get to this point, and we are delighted to now be able to showcase the art of our exceptionally talented artists. That is what drives us to keep pushing forward.”

Lourdes said: “The reaction so far has been amazingly positive, but we do not want to stop here and we have ambitious plans to take this venture further.”

Having established an online showcase, Lourdes and Gabriela’s vision includes creating a physical gallery space where artists can continually display their work while maintaining global connections. They are dedicated to transforming the art industry in Guatemala, providing a sustainable platform for artistic expression and cultural exchange.

Art lovers and enthusiasts are invited to visit www.artharvestint.com to explore the gallery and follow Art Harvest International on social media for updates as the movement continues to grow.

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