ExpressVPN Launches Aircove in the UK: The World’s First Wi-Fi 6 Router with Integrated VPN Protection

Leading consumer privacy and security company, ExpressVPN, has introduced the ExpressVPN Aircove in the UK, offering a range of new features designed to enhance security and speed for users. Aircove is a pioneering Wi-Fi 6 router that comes with built-in VPN functionality, providing users with a comprehensive home security solution right out of the box. Developed by the same team of security experts behind ExpressVPN’s acclaimed VPN software, Aircove enables users to protect and encrypt every device in their home quickly and effortlessly, including smart TVs, voice assistants, and other smart home devices that traditionally don’t support VPN software. After its successful launch in the US in 2022, Aircove is now available to customers in the UK.

This innovation is especially significant considering that 81% of Brits currently utilize smart devices for entertainment purposes, such as Smart TVs and streaming devices, while nearly a third employ smart devices for building safety, including smart cameras, house alarms, or smoke detectors. Alarmingly, a recent study uncovered that 98% of all IoT device traffic remains unencrypted, potentially exposing personal and confidential data through devices like baby monitors or other smart home devices.

ExpressVPN Vice President, Harold Li, emphasizes the growing use of smart devices and the challenge of ensuring their protection, stating, ”  according to a recent study The average UK home now contains nine connected devices, and it is predicted that there could be up to 50 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2030. When you add traditional devices like laptops, tablets, and phones into the mix, the number of devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network becomes substantial, making it increasingly difficult to track and ensure that every device is protected. That’s why we developed Aircove—to provide users with a simple, flexible VPN-protected internet connection across every room, on every device, for every household member.”

Aircove now offers advanced protection features, which will be gradually rolled out to all users in the UK over the next few days. These enhancements include Threat Manager, an effective tracker and malware blocker, an ad blocker to prevent advertising content during browsing, and parental controls that allow users to customize their children’s internet experience by setting time limits and blocking adult sites and content. Additionally, Aircove facilitates the creation of device groups, allowing users to assign specific VPN locations to different devices. This feature enables tailored settings, such as connecting smart TVs to a US location or conducting mobile banking with a VPN in France.

Prior to its launch, Aircove underwent a thorough penetration test and source code audit by cybersecurity firm Cure53, which reported a high level of security and commended ExpressVPN’s commitment to prioritizing security throughout the software’s development and life cycle.

Aircove leverages Wi-Fi 6 technology for faster and more reliable wireless connectivity, offering speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps (600 Mbps for 2.4GHz and 1,200 Mbps for 5GHz). It provides coverage for homes up to 150 square meters and is available for purchase in the UK on Amazon, with a special launch price of US$169 (~£131).

ExpressVPN’s Aircove sets a new standard in home network protection, combining simplicity, comprehensive security features, and advanced VPN capabilities to safeguard users’ online privacy and data.

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