Experience the Charm of Ireland with Le Grá Premium Irish Lager

Immerse yourself in the enchanting magic of Ireland with every sip of Le Grá, the new premium lager that embodies the Emerald Isle’s spirit like never before.

Le Grá will make its grand entrance on May 9th in Dublin, offering beer lovers an early opportunity to indulge in this unique golden brew that includes real shamrocks for an added touch of ancient Irish luck. The logo, a four-leaf clover, symbolises the core Irish values of faith, hope, love, and luck.

Sean Casey, founder of Le Grá Beer Ltd, passionately stated, “With Le Grá, we wanted to bottle the warmth, camaraderie, and unbreakable spirit that flows through the Emerald Isle,” underscoring the dedication to authentic Irish ingredients and heritage in the brewing process.

Produced in Dublin following traditional recipes, Le Grá delivers a rich, smooth taste with delicate fruity notes and a refreshingly crisp finish, honouring Ireland’s brewing legacy.

Le Grá aims to bring the familiar warmth of Irish pubs to global audiences, offering a taste of Ireland wherever it is enjoyed.

The launch festivities will occur on May 9th at The Morgan Hotel in Dublin’s Temple Bar, featuring an evening of live Irish music and special guests, where attendees can experience the luck of Le Grá firsthand.

Casey invites global participants to the event, saying, “On May 9th, we invite the world to join us in raising the first glass of this enchanting new Irish lager,” and adds, “Let the spirit of Ireland flow as we toast to where ancient tradition meets the art of modern brewing. The luck of Le Grá awaits!”

Le Grá Premium Irish Lager will be sold throughout Ireland starting May 10th, with UK availability expected in Summer 2024.

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