Exomindset: A Beacon of Workplace Excellence in Argentina, Certified by Great Place to Work

Exomindset, a trailblazer in the digital solutions domain, has been heralded as one of Argentina’s elite workplaces, an accolade bestowed by Great Place to Work. The firm is at the forefront of technological innovation, offering an array of services such as artificial intelligence, custom software development, data engineering, mobile application creation, and e-commerce solutions.

Recently, Exomindset was distinguished with certification from Great Place To Work (GPTW), earning a commendable position as the fourth-best workplace in Argentina. This recognition was derived from a comprehensive survey involving feedback from over 140,000 employees from 225 qualifying companies, with Exomindset standing out among the 70 companies that met the criteria.

Leonardo Milocco, the COO at Exomindset, shared his thoughts on this significant achievement: “Initiating our first certification process last year was a strategic move aimed at fostering a culture of feedback and continuous improvement within our organisation. The overwhelmingly positive outcome in November not only underscored the well-being of our team members but also their strong sense of belonging to our community.”

Despite its relatively recent inception, just four years ago, Exomindset has rapidly ascended to become a leading tech entity in the nation. The company prides itself on a team of 115 adept professionals, delivering premier solutions to a broad clientele across the Americas, Europe, and Australia.

The company’s founding partners credit their recent achievements to Exomindset’s people-first philosophy, a critical factor in the tech industry. They advocate for offering enticing benefits like ongoing professional development, English language courses, adaptable work arrangements, and a conducive work-life balance. Nevertheless, they recognise the most significant challenge in maintaining the unique essence that positions Exomindset as an unparalleled workplace according to their employees.

Exomindset is not just about fostering a supportive community and upholding human values; it’s also about continually advancing technological frontiers. Last year marked the inauguration of their artificial intelligence and machine learning department, dedicated to devising cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and amplify profitability.

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