Doctor Care Anywhere Transforms Patient Experience with Contact Centre Upgrade

Doctor Care Anywhere, one of the UK’s largest private telehealth service providers, has reinforced its commitment to delivering exceptional patient experiences through a transformative upgrade of its contact centre. This initiative, facilitated by Onecom and powered by Five9’s cutting-edge CCaaS solution, has greatly enhanced service delivery and patient satisfaction, underscoring the company’s dedication to high-quality patient care.

With the rising demand for telehealth services since the pandemic, Doctor Care Anywhere has launched this strategic upgrade to uphold its high standards of care and further improve patient interactions. This transformation ensures that patients receive personalised, responsive, and seamless engagement, in line with the company’s mission to provide superior healthcare.

Greg Rixon, Head of Patient Experience at Doctor Care Anywhere, commented: “Our partnership with Onecom and the integration of Five9’s technology was a game-changer. It allowed us to create a seamless patient journey and provide our Patient Experience Coordinators with the tools to offer truly personalised care. This isn’t just a step towards technological advancement; it’s a leap towards transforming healthcare accessibility and patient satisfaction.”

Central to this transformation is the incorporation of advanced communication and interaction technologies. This collaboration with industry leaders like Five9 enhances communication across various platforms, improving accessibility and convenience for patients.

Nick Beardsley, Enterprise Director of Onecom, remarked, “Working with Doctor Care Anywhere on this transformative project has been an exciting journey. Their commitment to enhancing the patient experience, as well as the experience of their Patient Experience Coordinators, is truly commendable. By integrating advanced communication technologies, we are not only improving operational efficiency but also ensuring that both patients and coordinators benefit from a more seamless and supportive environment. We are proud to be part of Doctor Care Anywhere’s mission to revolutionise telehealth services and set a new standard in the industry.”

Doctor Care Anywhere’s initiative, powered by Onecom’s expertise, establishes a new industry standard in patient experience. The integration of advanced communication technologies provides patients with the freedom to choose how they interact while ensuring seamless and compassionate healthcare experiences supported by responsive and knowledgeable staff.

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