Control D Unveils New Era of Cybersecurity with ‘Control D for Organisations’

In a decisive move to level the cybersecurity playing field, Control D, backed by the formidable expertise of Windscribe VPN, today announced the launch of ‘Control D for Organisations’. This pioneering DNS service is set to revolutionise cybersecurity access for businesses across the spectrum, from emerging startups to established SMBs and MSPs.

Harnessing the power of the largest physical VPN network globally, Control D aims to equip businesses, previously underserved by sophisticated cybersecurity measures, with the tools to combat the evolving landscape of cyber threats and surveillance.

‘Control D for Organisations’ offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of organisations, regardless of size:

  1. Malware Blocking: Employs cutting-edge detection technologies developed in-house to safeguard business operations against malicious online threats, with the capability to secure individual devices or entire networks swiftly.
  2. Multi-Tenancy: Simplifies the management of access and filtering policies across various departments, subsidiaries, or customer accounts, making it an ideal solution for large enterprises or service providers.
  3. Modern Protocols: Recognising the limitations of standard DNS protocols in ensuring security, Control D supports all encrypted and modern protocols like DNS-over-HTTPS/3 and DNS-over-TLS.
  4. Custom Filtering: Offers detailed web filtering options, from granular controls for the tech-savvy to straightforward curated lists for those new to DNS security, ensuring maximum protection with minimal complexity.
  5. Actionable Insights: Provides comprehensive analytics on network activity, enabling businesses to enhance their security stance and make informed strategic decisions.

‘Control D for Organisations’ is not merely a security tool; it represents a shift towards making premier cybersecurity solutions accessible to all organisations, regardless of their size or budget, ensuring they can safeguard their operations and data with confidence.

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