COMET Welcomes Three New Team Members Amid Ongoing Business Growth

Leading Risk Intelligence Solution provider COMET is delighted to announce the addition of three new team members: Natalia Peisert as Learning and Development Lead, Bethany Gregory as Sales and Marketing Coordinator, and Surya Ramesh as Data Scientist.

Previously known as STC INSISO, COMET is a UK-based specialist renowned for its comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to address the unique challenges of industries such as energy, construction, maritime, rail, utilities, and more. The company leverages its expertise in incident investigation, root cause analysis, supply chain assurance, and regulatory compliance.

Natalia Peisert, who joins with over 14 years of experience in training, competence, and learning & development, primarily within the energy industry, said: “I am thrilled to join COMET. I am passionate about aligning learning and development with business goals, enhancing skills as a crucial business asset, and supporting individuals in achieving their potential through expanding their knowledge and competence.”

Bethany Gregory, a recent graduate from RGU with two years of marketing experience in the construction industry, is eager to advance her career at COMET. She remarked: “Being part of this innovative and dynamic team is incredibly exciting. I have already gained valuable insights and look forward to contributing to COMET’s success.”

Surya Ramesh, joining as a Data Scientist, brings a strong data-driven mindset and a talent for communicating technical content to non-technical audiences. With over a decade of experience, including a role as a Data Consultant, Surya has worked on various data projects, from Machine Learning and Data Visualisation to Data Storytelling.

Surya commented: “I am excited to leverage Azure ML Studio to transform client data into actionable insights. This aligns perfectly with my passion for making a tangible difference through data.” Surya actively supports local technology and data non-profit groups and will be speaking at the DATA conference in Glasgow later this year.

CEO Mark Rushton reflected on the organisation’s progress, stating: “I am delighted to welcome Natalia, Bethany, and Surya to the COMET team. Their expertise and enthusiasm are already proving invaluable as we continue to invest in the solutions that will deliver for our clients for years to come.”

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