Coeo Welcomes Nihal Mushtaq Amin as Head of Artificial Intelligence, Ushering in a New Era of AI Advancements

Coeo, the comprehensive data transformation service provider, is delighted to introduce Nihal Mushtaq Amin as the newly appointed Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With his profound expertise and visionary leadership, Nihal is set to elevate Coeo’s AI capabilities to unprecedented levels.

As an accomplished AI strategist and practitioner, Nihal boasts a robust track record of driving AI-powered transformation across various industries. Prior to joining Coeo, Nihal held the role of Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, where he engaged with global enterprise clients and SMEs. Within the Data & AI community at Microsoft, Nihal served as a subject matter expert and lead for OpenAI, contributing significantly to the advancement of AI adoption within clients’ organizations.

Justin Langford, CEO of Coeo, expresses his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to welcome Nihal as our Head of AI. With his exceptional expertise, we are poised to expedite innovation and usher in transformative strides in the realm of artificial intelligence for our valued clients.”

This appointment marks a pivotal juncture for Coeo, affording the opportunity to synergize Coeo’s data prowess and knowledge with cutting-edge AI capabilities. This synergy aims to empower clients in fostering innovation within their organizations and optimizing their business outcomes.

Nihal elaborates on the significance of this collaboration: “AI and data are inextricably linked; it’s a fundamental truth. Coeo stands as a prominent Microsoft partner in the data domain. Our goal is to fuse our comprehensive data knowledge with our potent AI capabilities, thereby implementing an end-to-end lifecycle solution in collaboration with our clients. This journey encompasses ideation, proof of value, production, and the seamless management of their AI operations through our managed service.”

With Nihal’s leadership, Coeo is poised to chart a course of innovative AI advancements, revolutionizing industries and fortifying its position as a pioneer in the field.

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