Codasip Partners with Verilock to Bolster Hardware Security for ASIC Customers

Codasip, a pioneering leader in RISC-V Custom Compute, has solidified its commitment to enhancing hardware security by joining forces with Verilock, a US-based hardware security company. The collaboration aims to empower Codasip’s ASIC customers with cutting-edge, future-proof security technology.

Codasip’s decision to exclusively offer Verilock’s advanced security technology underscores the company’s dedication to delivering a robust security framework for its customers. The partnership will see the integration of various security functions, including device authentication, firmware signing, original content provenance, and one-time pad encryption. These features will be based on Verilock’s patented Entropy Extraction Device (EED) technology, renowned for its innovative use of chaotic networks to create a virtually unbreakable authentication solution.

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, industries such as autonomous cars, Industry 4.0, privacy protection, and the Internet of Things (IoT) require high levels of security. These sectors necessitate essential security components, ranging from device authentication to secure over-the-air software updates and secure boot processes. Random cryptographic key generation has become indispensable for data encryption. However, these technological advancements also bring about new threats and vulnerabilities, including those posed by machine learning and quantum computers, which can enable malicious behaviors such as side-channel attacks.

Brett Cline, Chief Commercial Officer at Codasip, emphasized the significance of hardware-infused authentication solutions, stating, “The semiconductor industry requires authentication solutions deeply integrated into the hardware. We also require technology sophisticated enough to outpace potential threats from malicious actors. This is precisely what the ingenious Verilock team has developed. Through our collaboration, we can offer a distinctive, future-proof, and adaptable approach.”

Verilock, founded in 2021, emerged from pioneering research conducted between Ohio State University and Potomac Research LLC. The company specializes in providing authentication solutions founded on the Entropy Extraction Device (EED) technology, which has gained recognition for its near-invulnerability to breaches.

Jim Northup, Chief Executive Officer at Verilock, elaborated on their innovative approach, saying, “Current security solutions, which rely on a limited number of root keys or identifiers, are susceptible to compromise through physical or machine learning-driven side-channel attacks. We have redefined hardware authentication by harnessing chaotic networks. The outcome is a truly quantum-safe system that offers new possibilities for adaptable and customized implementation. It perfectly aligns with Codasip’s Custom Compute approach.”



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