Citypark Fitness Co-Founders Steven Dick and Scott Agnew Relinquish Roles Amidst Exponential Growth in Fitness Group Education

After a span of eight years at the helm, Citypark Fitness co-founders Steven Dick and Scott Agnew have opted to withdraw from their day-to-day leadership responsibilities. Their decision emanates from a strategic redirection towards fostering The Fitness Group Education Limited, which seeks to imbue the forthcoming generation of personal trainers with an unparalleled depth and scope that transcends conventional fitness paradigms.

Citypark Fitness, a preeminent establishment spanning 7,000 square feet, has stood as an autonomous bastion of physical wellness. Its inception, realised in 2015 through the collaborative efforts of Steve, Scott, and Thomas Anderson, was nestled within the confines of the Citypark edifice situated in Dennistoun, Glasgow.

Despite achieving a commendable measure of prosperity within the realm of Citypark, Scott and Steven, albeit with a heavy heart, have chosen to yield the reins. Steven Dick shared his sentiments, stating, “Since 2015, the triumvirate of Thomas, Scott, and I have wholeheartedly embraced our stewardship of Citypark Fitness. While the pandemic unfurled its challenges, we seized the opportunity to pivot our approach, ushering in novel services with an emphasis on intimate group training. This transformative initiative reaped remarkable dividends for the Citypark Fitness fraternity, galvanising the lives of our members through tailored support.”

The continuance of Citypark Fitness rests upon the capable shoulders of Thomas Anderson, who shall orchestrate a robust and illustrious fitness narrative in Glasgow. Elucidating the prospective trajectory of Citypark, Steven articulated, “With the recruitment of a recent gym manager, the performance graph exhibits unwavering ascendancy, brimming with affirmative outcomes and sustained expansion over the preceding biennium. This upward trajectory remains unabated under Thomas’ aegis, alongside the expertise of Peter, our gym manager, and the collective efforts of the Citypark Fitness Team, fortified by my unwavering endorsement.”

The Fitness Group Education, an enterprise germinated in 2018 by Steven and Scott, germinated from their individual tribulations in sourcing adept personal trainers within Citypark Fitness. Envisioned as a conduit for disseminating their insights, the organisation seeks to empower future personal trainers with a profound tapestry of competencies, eclipsing the standard purview of a training certification. This trajectory propelled The Fitness Group Education beyond its Glasgow origins, extending its influence to multifarious locales across the United Kingdom, encompassing Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and London.

In the present day, The Fitness Group is a purveyor of enlightenment, imparting wisdom to acolytes hailing from diverse corners of the United Kingdom and beyond. Its virtual pedagogy encompasses a mosaic of domains, spanning from personal training to sports massage. The Fitness Group Education stands as a cherished collaborator of the Ministry of Defence, TRX, Strength and Conditioning Education, The PFA, My PT Hub, English League Education, and a plenitude of other illustrious establishments.

The crucible of The Fitness Group Education is its unwavering commitment to nurturing nascent personal trainers, furnishing them with bedrock knowledge pivotal for crafting a comprehensive comprehension of health, fitness, and nutrition. Beyond these quintessential tenets, the curriculum delves into the subtle crevices of wellness, encompassing realms such as exigent first aid, pre and post-natal acumen, cognitive well-being, and the art of orchestrating physical activities tailored for adolescents.

Steven Dick interjected, “The mantle of education worn by The Fitness Group Education symbolises a vanguard in the provision of accessible knowledge, a bedrock for burgeoning personal trainers. The torchbearers of tomorrow are entrusted with the custodianship of their well-being, as well as the noble duty of kindling the passions of the succeeding generation of entrepreneurial personal trainers. This mandate unfolds in a milieu inundated with an overabundance of specialised fitness sanctuaries and technological marvels.”

While the departure of Steven Dick and Scott Agnew reverberates within Citypark, their legacy remains interwoven with its fabric. Amidst the expansive array of offerings that Citypark extends, including premier equipment from esteemed gym stalwarts Life Fitness and Jordan Fitness, women-centric group training sessions, and personalised tutelage, a symbiotic relationship with The Fitness Group Education augments the expanse of possibilities for Citypark Fitness.

Steven appended, “The collaborative kinship between myself and The Fitness Group Education shall persist, nurturing Citypark Fitness as its domicile in Glasgow. This synergy shall undoubtedly germinate a radiant and illustrious future for both entities.”

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