Cirrus Unveils Groundbreaking Upgrade to Revolutionise Contact Centre Platform

Cirrus, a leading provider of contact centre solutions, has announced a game-changing upgrade to its innovative contact centre platform, poised to redefine customer service. Centered on harnessing generative AI and seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies, Cirrus consolidates essential tools into a single platform. This empowers contact centres across the UK to deliver vastly improved customer service with remarkable efficiency.

The upgrade encompasses a suite of powerful technologies, including CRM, workforce optimisation, and enhanced omnichannel features such as outbound dialler, Drag-and-drop IVR and workflow builder, and agent scripting. By incorporating all these elements seamlessly onto one platform, Cirrus simplifies the deployment of generative AI, notably with Cirrus ‘Copilot.’

Jason Roos, CEO of Cirrus, commented, “We have been thinking very hard about where generative AI would have the most profound impact on contact centre operations. And so, in addition to the platform upgrade, we have developed Cirrus Copilot, our ChatGPT AI assistant. Cirrus Copilot lends its support to human agents, automating tasks, offering guidance, and delivering insights that lead to stellar customer interactions. Cirrus Copilot optimisation frees agents to focus on more rewarding engagements.”

The new Cirrus platform empowers businesses of all sizes to maximise the value of every interaction, creating personalised experiences. Real-time agent assistance generates live transcriptions for every call, enabling agents to enhance their communication with each customer. AI plays a pivotal role in driving these conversations.

With the launch of this new platform, Cirrus reaffirms its commitment to ongoing collaboration with valued partners, ensuring that third-party API integrations remain possible. Cirrus and its clients continue to push the boundaries of excellence in customer service, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

The future of contact centre customer service has arrived, and it’s powered by Cirrus.

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