Celebrating the 2023 Fintech Excellence Awards

Business Awards UK takes immense pride in unveiling the outcomes of the 2023 Fintech Awards, a distinguished tribute to pioneering accomplishments and cutting-edge innovations within the ever-evolving realm of financial technology.

2023 Fintech Awards Winners
●       Bettercents – Best Fintech Website or Platform
●       Cashflows – Best Customer Experience, Employer Award
●       MillTechFX – Startup of the Year
●       Mosaic Smart Data – Innovation Award
●       R3 – Best Blockchain Tech
●       CleverChain Limited – Best AML or KYC Solution, Best Cryptocurrency Tech
●       CoinMode – Best Fintech App
●       Creditspring – Best B2C Tech
●       Epos Now – Fintech Business of the Year
●       Instinct Digital – RegTech of the Year
●       IPS Group, UK – Business Growth Award
●       Lukango – InsurTech of the Year
●       Ophelos – Best AI or ML Tech
●       Pax2pay – Best B2B Tech
●       The Portfolio Platform – Best Personal Finance Tech, Best Trading Tech
●       Trading Central – Best Investment Tech

2023 Fintech Awards Finalists

●       Bettercents – Best Fintech App, RegTech of the Year
●       Big Golden Pineapple – Fintech Business of the Year
●       Boost Payment Solutions – Fintech Innovation Award
●       Cashflows – Best B2B Tech
●       Circles powered by StepLadder – Best Personal Finance Tech
●       Clear Factor – Fintech Business of the Year
●       CleverChain Limited – RegTech of the Year
●       CoinMode – Best Fintech Website or Platform
●       Epos Now – Business Growth Award
●       Equals Money – Best B2B Tech
●       Instinct Digital – Best Investment Tech
●       Mana Group – Best Customer Experience, Fintech Startup of the Year
●       Mina – Business Growth Award
●       Molo Finance – Fintech Innovation Award

2023 Fintech Awards Individual Award Winners & Finalists
●       Winner: Claire Maillet, Ziglu – Director of the Year
●       Winner: Aamir Madari, Tap Donate – Rising Star Award
●       Finalist: Samika Shirke, Mana Group – Director of the Year
●       Finalist: Samuel Flynn, Hands In – Rising Star Award
●       Finalist: Stuart Radforth, CoinMode – Rising Star Award

The laureates and finalists of this year have brilliantly showcased unprecedented ingenuity and progress within the fintech domain. From groundbreaking blockchain solutions to unrivaled customer interactions and avant-garde AI technologies, the awardees of the 2023 Fintech Excellence Awards have undeniably established new benchmarks for distinction.

The Fintech Excellence Awards stand as a testament to the tenacity, ingenuity, and forward-thinking ethos of fintech enterprises, acknowledging their pivotal influence in shaping the future of financial services.

For further insights into the victors, contenders, and the awards ceremony itself, please explore the Business Awards UK website or get in touch with our awards team.

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