Britway Airport Transfer Honoured with Prestigious Business Excellence Award

Britway Airport Transfer, established by Rohitha and Amintha Malmalabaduge, is proud to announce its recognition with a Business Excellence Award from Big Business Events, a testament to its influential role in the transport and travel industry and its leadership within the sector.

With the launch of tour services in September 2023, the company has diversified its offerings, collaborating with travel agencies for coach hires. The foray into European coach tours has been met with enthusiasm, particularly in countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, alongside a notable volume of bookings from the USA. Impressively, the company hosted six tours within a month, each drawing an average of 56 passengers.

The entrepreneurial duo, Rohitha and Amintha Malmalabaduge, are devoted to ensuring a superior service level that aligns with their clients’ diverse requirements. The company is intent on broadening its tour selections, pricing structures, and service offerings, introducing an array of new vehicles including executive options and more intimate minibus tours. The capability to accept last-minute bookings provides the flexibility needed to adapt to the travel industry’s fluctuating demands.

Britway Airport Transfer is extending its reach beyond the domestic market, establishing connections with travel agencies across Mexico, Dubai, Spain, and the USA. This international outreach is indicative of the company’s ambition to expand its global presence and offer its distinguished services to a more varied clientele.

Additionally, Britway Airport Transfer has initiated an exciting new project with the launch of “The Airport Travel Show,” a podcast that delves into the travel and transportation sectors. The program mixes insightful narratives, personal experiences, and interviews with experts in the field. One notable episode features Ross Temple, Head Coach of Big Business Events, who imparts his extensive travel knowledge and experiences, promising a series that is both enlightening and engaging.

Aimed at travel enthusiasts, “The Airport Travel Show” aspires to be a comprehensive resource, discussing a vast range of topics from the future of travel, must-see destinations, unforgettable travel tales, the repercussions of COVID on travel, safety guidelines, to the luxury and corporate travel niches. The podcast plans to host an assortment of guests, facilitating dynamic conversations and the sharing of invaluable perspectives.

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