Bowles Hotel’s Discovery: Redcar’s Luxurious Addition Reveals Historical Gems

In the midst of constructing the luxurious Bowles Hotel at 16 West Terrace, Redcar, developers have stumbled upon treasures dating back to the 1700s. These newfound historical artifacts are to be showcased in a specially designed museum located within the hotel, offering guests a glimpse into Middlesbrough’s rich heritage during their stay.

The hotel, a transformation of a former business center by Jamey Bowles, CEO and Founder of Your Home Group, has unearthed gold and invaluable documents from the 16th century amidst its ongoing renovations. The discovered treasures include mortgage deeds from 1711, gold rings, World War 1 letters, photographs from 1875, diamond pendants, an 18k gold pocket watch, and invitations from a local ball in the early 1900s, with many more artifacts under scrutiny.

Set to open next month, this new aparthotel complex will feature ten fully AI-integrated, self-contained apartments, focusing primarily on catering to corporates. Guests have the option to choose from three accommodation levels—comprising two penthouses and apartments with ocean views. The apartments exemplify luxury with features like 60-inch smart TVs, state-of-the-art kitchens, rainfall showers, wireless charging, co-working spaces, secure parking, and electric car charging facilities.

The £700,000 investment in Bowles Hotel marks the inaugural venture into the hotel industry for local entrepreneur Jamey Bowles. The hotel strives to fill the growing demand for upscale, secure, short-term accommodation in Redcar, a rapidly developing seaside town experiencing a surge in both local and tourist populations due to numerous ongoing and upcoming projects.

Jamey Bowles emphasises the potential of Redcar and the hotel’s commitment to offering convenience, luxury, and security at competitive prices. He excitedly anticipates the grand opening in late October, introducing a unique blend of luxury and history to Redcar’s expanding hospitality landscape.

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