Bluewater Group Expands Its Global Presence with the Acquisition of Tapp Water in Spain

Bluewater Group, a renowned leader in advanced water purification technology and beverages, has successfully acquired Tapp Water, the leading consumer water filter brand based in Spain. This strategic acquisition solidifies Bluewater Group’s position as a frontrunner in the global water industry, enhances its business-to-consumer sales model, and underscores its commitment to providing sustainable solutions for clean water worldwide.

Bengt Rittri, Founder and CEO of Bluewater, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, highlighting Tapp Water’s reputation for high-quality water filters that enable consumers to access pure and refreshing tap water. By integrating Tapp Water’s expertise and advanced tap-mounted filtration technology, Bluewater Group aims to meet the growing consumer demand for convenient and eco-friendly water purification solutions.

Bluewater Group boasts a vast consumer network, with millions of daily touchpoints through water refill stations, event and venue hydration stations, and residential and commercial water purifiers worldwide. Rittri emphasised that the acquisition of Tapp Water further strengthens Bluewater’s presence in the consumer market.

Tapp Water, which serves over 100,000 customers in Spain and has expanded into more than 20 other countries, has been dedicated to environmental sustainability. The brand has replaced the need for an astonishing 100 million single-use water bottles with filtered alternatives. Their product range includes innovative solutions such as the world’s smallest faucet water filter, a pioneering glass water filter jug, an independently tested shower filter, and water filter bottles using NASA technology to make virtually any water source potable.

Magnus Jern, Founder and CEO of Tapp Water, expressed excitement about the acquisition, highlighting the dedication and expertise of his team in Barcelona. He sees this acquisition as a pivotal moment to combine the strengths and disruptive technologies of both companies to make a significant impact on the global water industry.

Founded in 2013, Bluewater has been committed to eliminating the need for polluting single-use plastic bottles. With a sustainability vision and a focus on protecting the planet’s oceans and waterways, Bluewater believes in creating and distributing great-tasting water and beverages at the point of use as the future of the industry.

Bengt Rittri emphasised that their goal is to make fresh, healthy water accessible to communities worldwide, and the acquisition of Tapp Water, with its strong consumer base and unique product line, will serve as Bluewater’s business-to-consumer arm, further establishing its presence in the mass consumer market.

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