Blackwell Earthmoving Elevates Employee Well-Being with Roadshow Promotions’ Innovative Buses

In a dedicated effort to prioritise the health and comfort of its workforce, Blackwell Earthmoving has joined forces with Roadshow Promotions. This collaboration has brought forth a fleet of single and double-decker promotional buses for site welfare for Blackwell’s major earthwork projects.

Roadshow Promotions, renowned as the United Kingdom’s premier provider of promotional buses, collaborated closely with the earthworks contractor to deliver these purpose-driven buses to various project sites. These mobile facilities serve as versatile hubs, accommodating offices, canteens, rest areas, and changing rooms.

These buses now stand as beacons of enhanced working conditions, affording Blackwell’s colleagues the luxury of enjoying meals, taking breaks, and resting within a comfortable and convenient environment. In recognising the paramount significance of offering impeccable facilities for their workforce, Blackwell Earthmoving made a substantial investment in this groundbreaking initiative.

Nick Drage, Blackwell’s Construction Manager, expressed his commendation for Roadshow Promotions, notably praising Stuart Greenley, who boasts over 30 years of experience in managing promotional bus tours. Nick stated, “Stuart’s efficiency and responsiveness ensured a seamless partnership, with the first bus delivered to the site within a remarkable five working days from our initial contact.”

In response to the inclement weather conditions prevailing at the time, Roadshow closely collaborated with Blackwell Earthmoving to engineer a bespoke drying unit within a standalone static vehicle. This innovative solution proved invaluable during one of the wettest summers on record.

The mobility of these buses is a testament to their resource efficiency. They can seamlessly relocate as work progresses across the site, offering a dynamic and eco-friendly solution.

The arrival of these buses on-site has sparked enthusiasm among the Blackwell Earthmoving team. These improved welfare facilities not only contribute to a more comfortable work environment but also foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among colleagues.

Natasha Greenley, Director of Roadshow Promotions, applauded this initiative, stating, “With their forward-thinking approach to employee welfare, Blackwell Earthmoving sets a stellar example for the construction industry. By prioritising the needs and well-being of their workforce, they aim to elevate productivity and job satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the success of their projects. We’re honored to support them and eagerly anticipate our ongoing collaboration in ensuring the comfort and welfare of employees across their sites.”

Blackwell Earthmoving specialises in earthworks contracting, consultancy, and restoration services and has been involved in several of the country’s significant infrastructure projects. The company offers a comprehensive range of earthworks services, including site clearance and preparation, bulk earthmoving, excavation, landfill engineering, and soil stabilization. Backed by a substantial fleet of modern plant and equipment and a highly skilled workforce, Blackwell Earthmoving continues to make significant strides in the industry.

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