Big Business Events Unveils Cutting-Edge Online Platform for Entrepreneurs

Prominent business coaching firm, Big Business Events, has introduced a groundbreaking online resource aimed at guiding business owners towards valuable training opportunities and expert support.

Dubbed ‘Big Business Entrepreneurs,’ this new community hub serves as a freely accessible online portal, offering business owners a platform for learning, networking, and staying informed about the latest in-person and online training events.

The community is set to feature support and insights from expert consultants, including Adam Stott, the visionary behind Big Business Events (BBE). Business owners can tap into a wealth of guidance covering various areas such as business growth and strategy, social media expertise, time and cost-saving AI tips, marketing and branding insights, and lead generation and conversion strategies.

BBE has harnessed the Skool platform to create this portal, with a focus on ensuring user-friendliness and accessibility for business owners.

Adam Stott, Founder of BBE, commented, “We’re delighted to launch this brand new online portal, which is an exclusive support network designed to empower entrepreneurs to take their businesses to new heights. The advice and support we offer aims to help entrepreneurs to grow their business easier and faster. Perhaps you’re just starting a business and want to be around great coaches who can give you strategic guidance, you have an established business and you want to break through that next level of growth or you’re already successful but want even more – joining the Big Business Entrepreneurs portal puts you in the right place.”

Big Business Events has been assisting business owners, entrepreneurs, and celebrities in building, expanding, and scaling their dream businesses since 2016. The company provides a range of coaching programs tailored to business owners at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey. This includes ‘The Gold Circle,’ a prestigious 12-month program that strives to guide business owners in planning, executing, and achieving the milestone of generating their first £150,000 or additional revenue.

Adam further stated, “Our programs are more than just coaching. They offer a complete solution of in-person and online training, support, special events, celebrity branding, and resources delivered by a team of experts whose goal is to see you succeed. We give business owners the skills they need to grow a business and Increase revenue.”

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