Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd Spearheads Innovative Drone Security Solutions for Civil Airports

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, a highly accomplished company, is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge drone security solutions tailored for civil airports.

The vulnerability of civil aircraft during takeoff and landing, especially in the engine area, is widely acknowledged. While aircraft are designed to withstand the impact of small birds or objects, the unauthorised launch of large birds or metallic electronic drones near airports can have severe consequences. It poses risks to flight safety, potentially leading to aircraft accidents or system failures. The presence of cargo and agricultural drones further exacerbates the danger, as their larger size increases the potential damage in the event of a collision with an aircraft.

To counter the menace of unauthorised flights by private or recreational drones near airports during critical phases of flight, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd pioneers automated drone suppression systems. These advanced solutions create safe corridors for aircraft in close proximity to airports. The company offers a range of standalone solutions and leverages state-of-the-art technology from global leaders in the field. Their systems have been successfully deployed in various airports across Asia and Europe, effectively countering the threat. The comprehensive solutions encompass interference jammers that disrupt communication between drone operators and their drones, as well as GPS positioning suppression systems. Other diverse systems are also available for intercepting or disabling drones, ensuring their removal from hazardous areas during takeoff and landing.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is committed to providing its clients and partners with existing solutions and comprehensive design services. The company assists with equipment procurement, installation, system calibration, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring a seamless implementation process. Drawing from practical experience in deploying similar systems, the company offers professional recommendations to achieve maximum equipment performance and reliability. The aim is to enable full automatic operation with minimal operator intervention.

All solutions offered by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd undergo extensive testing, proving their effectiveness and practicality in the specialised equipment segment. Given the criticality of ensuring the safety of aircraft during takeoff and landing, modern civil airports consider the deployment of protective counter-drone systems as an essential preventive measure.

A spokesperson for Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd expressed, “We are delighted to explore various cooperation options, whether it involves supplying or procuring equipment to counter unauthorised drone flights in aviation-sensitive areas, or engaging in joint development or modification of automatic systems. Customer preferences are promptly considered and fulfilled during the design, installation, and configuration of the counter-drone system. Rest assured that our collaborative efforts will ensure tasks are accomplished with utmost efficiency within the planned budgetary framework.”

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