Ardoq Reinforces Leadership Team with Monica Visconti-Patel as New Chief Marketing Officer

In a bold move to enhance its leadership cadre, Nordic SaaS frontrunner, Ardoq, welcomes Monica Visconti-Patel, a seasoned marketing virtuoso, as part of its global expansion strategy. CEO and co-founder Erik Bakstad emphasises, “Visconti-Patel epitomises the precise qualities we were seeking for this pivotal role.”

Ardoq has emerged as a prominent protagonist within the realm of digital business management solutions, targeting substantial tech-oriented enterprises endeavoring to restructure their digital terrain. The company has etched its position as a frontrunner in Gartner’s esteemed Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture (EA), endeavoring to redefine conventional EA by fostering collaboration between architects and decision-makers across hierarchical strata. Bakstad asserts that “Ardoq is more than a mere EA tool.”

“At Ardoq, we harness techniques from the realm of EA, yet our user spectrum encompasses enterprise stakeholders at every echelon, harnessing Ardoq’s data to drive swifter, more informed decisions. As our demographic expands, we require our new Chief Marketing Officer to be well-versed in conveying how insights and real-time information underpin strategic dialogues within large enterprises. Ultimately, it’s about aiding our customers in their ceaseless journey of transformation.” Bakstad elucidates.

Earlier in the year, Ardoq welcomed Helen Sutton, an Enterprise Leader, as its Chief Revenue Officer. The CEO’s contentment with adding another formidable asset to the team is palpable.

“Ardoq transcends the confines of a typical SaaS tool, and Visconti-Patel’s grasp of Ardoq’s potential and role in large enterprises stood out from day one. Furthermore, her proven track record in analogous roles at relevant tech companies, coupled with her contagious dynamism, sets her apart. I am confident that she will play a pivotal part in Ardoq’s trajectory of growth moving forward.” Bakstad asserts.

The newly appointed CMO boasts an extensive background in the tech industry, having dedicated most of her career to various software companies. Visconti-Patel’s transition to Ardoq comes from a position as Vice President, EMEA Field Marketing & Acting Head Global Field Marketing at Automation Anywhere. She has previously made her mark at companies such as RingCentral, MuleSoft, and Jive Software. Visconti-Patel expresses her anticipation for elevating Ardoq’s marketing initiatives to new heights.

“With nearly three decades in the tech sector, I am buoyant about Ardoq’s impact in helping their customers navigate change and drive profitable transformation, especially in the current business climate. Ardoq is a leader in its field and they are bold in both their branding, product development, and mindset. They are already growing rapidly in all markets and have a huge potential for further growth, making the role as the CMO especially exciting.”

Harnessing the Power of Platform

Bolstered by its exceedingly adaptable platform, Ardoq casts its net wide, targeting clients in both private and public sectors, boasting a client roster that includes renowned names like British Telecom, The Carlsberg Group, and MUFG. For Visconti-Patel, there could be no better launching pad for a CMO than possessing a superlative product to champion.

“Ardoq feels like a homecoming for me as my career has traversed a cross-section of enterprise technology domains, including ITSM, PPM, APIs, and Automation, all of which seamlessly intersect with digital business management solutions. In fact, I’ve intentionally devoted the past decade to embracing disruptive technologies, and the capabilities of the Ardoq platform, its compelling visualisations, and of course, the Ardoq executive team and investors left me profoundly impressed. The technology solutions emanating from the fast-growing Nordic tech ecosystem are unquestionably captivating, and I am truly excited to be an integral part of it.”

Visconti-Patel is poised to commence her tenure later this August.

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