Alhambra Designs Is Bridging the Gap Between East and West Through Art and Design

Alhambra Designs, a British company founded by Ahmed Q, is celebrating a period of rapid expansion since their inception. Inspired by the intricate artwork created by the Moors in Andalusia, Ahmed’s passion for Islamic architecture led to the creation of some of the finest Islamic art reproductions in the world.

Alhambra Designs’ collection features contemporary pieces including wall art, architectural elements, and furniture, all inspired by the iconic Moorish architecture of historical Andalusian sites. Ahmed creates bespoke pieces for esteemed clientele, including Middle Eastern Royalty and renowned interior designers, and his designs can be found in mosques around the world, corporate offices, and luxurious homes.

“We are thrilled to share the exciting developments at Alhambra Designs,” says Karima Halhoul, Director of the company. “From our small beginnings as an Etsy shop carving small gifts, we have quickly expanded. Our first UK Alhambra Home project, featuring a complete home interior design and manufacture of artwork and installation, is now complete. We have a rapidly growing presence on social media and have recently expanded the company to encompass more sub-brands – Casa, Morena, and Dulce – which now include home decor, women’s gold and silver jewellery, and sweet delicacies, all of which are personally designed and developed by us.”

Launching Alhambra Designs’ Casa furniture line was a natural development, as many of their high-end Arabian clients and London-based interior designers often struggled to find luxury and quality Arabian and Islamic items for their home. Sharing their examples of bespoke requested furniture online, the company found that they received more and more requests. The company’s expansion into jewellery and sweet delicacies is driven by customers who are seeking products with an Andalusian essence.

Ahmed creates while praising the Creator, using traditional techniques, authentic materials, and finishes every artefact by hand. His work embodies the Andalusian essence, which served as a beautiful historical bridge between the East and the West and was seen by many as being a hub for social and cultural exchange and the golden age of civilisation.

Visit Alhambra Designs’ website at to view their collection of bespoke Islamic art reproductions, furniture, jewellery, home decor, and sweet delicacies.

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