Affordable UK Office Spaces Revealed – Savings Await Businesses

Establishing a business entails significant costs, making it crucial to identify areas where savings can be achieved. With businesses contemplating a return to the office post-lockdown, choosing the right location for your office can have a substantial impact on your budget.

To assist in this decision-making process, FreeOfficeFinder conducted research to uncover the most cost-effective regions in the UK for office space. Live data and detailed information can be found here:

Surprisingly, Newcastle emerges as the leader, offering the most budget-friendly office options in the UK. The statistics reveal that an average private office in Newcastle costs just £186 per month, with co-working spaces priced at a mere £98.

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, follows closely, with private offices averaging £210 per month and co-working spaces at £162.

Liverpool ranks as the fourth most economical choice, with private offices costing £237 per month and shared spaces at £153.

In the fifth spot is Slough, where private offices are priced at £239 per month, and co-working spaces at £220.

Basingstoke follows, with private office space costing £245 per month and coworking environments priced at £202.

Aberdeen claims the seventh position, with private offices at £258 per month and shared office spaces at £238.

Milton Keynes secures the eighth spot, offering private offices at £262 per month and shared spaces at £184. This location is particularly attractive for businesses near London, as it’s just a one hour and 35-minute commute to the capital, resulting in substantial savings compared to setting up in London itself.

London, despite being the hub of business activity, tops the list as the most expensive area for office rent. The average monthly cost for a private office is £505, while a shared space comes in at £295.

Cambridge takes the second spot on the list of expensive locations, with private offices averaging £456 per month, and communal spaces at £266.

Nick Riesel, Managing Director of, commented on the findings, saying,

“Despite the pandemic, office prices have remained fairly steady in the serviced office industry. Many providers have chosen to offer incentives such as discounted/rent-free periods for a set amount of time instead of reducing general rates for an ongoing basis.
“The industry is also seeing many companies who would have taken a leased office now look to take serviced office, due to the now imperative flexible terms needed, so the occupancy has remained stable for many business centres.
“Choosing the location for your business hub is very important and while the area is important, the price tag is equally crucial. Hopefully our research has help professionals make the challenging decision.”
Area – Private office // Coworking space
Newcastle – £186 // £98
Cardiff – £210 // £162
Liverpool – £237 // £153
Slough – £239 // £220
Basingstoke – £245 // £202
Aberdeen – £258 // £238
Milton Keynes – £262 // £184
St Albans – £267 // £262
Brighton – £292 // £212
Glasgow – £294 // £115
Bristol – £302 // £228
Oxford – £309 // £203
Edinburgh – £314 // £217
Manchester – £315 // £213
Birmingham – £330 // £208
Reading – £343 // £217
Leeds – £417 // £210
Cambridge – £456 // £266
London – £505 // £295
Average – £304 // £205

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