Adored Earth Secures Community Contribution Honour at Clean & Tidy Home Show

Adored Earth, a pioneering eco-friendly laundry firm, has proudly announced their victory in securing the esteemed Contribution to the Community Award at the Clean & Tidy Home Show held in London this year. Launched just over a year ago, this honour marks a significant milestone, acknowledging the team’s unwavering dedication and hard work.

Originating from Leeds, Adored Earth’s commitment extends beyond mere sales of sustainable laundry solutions. The enterprise is deeply involved in enhancing the local community by engaging in activities like litter picking under the Litter Free Leeds initiative, along with tree planting and seed sowing efforts. Moreover, they have spearheaded numerous community and beach cleaning events across the UK. Their proactive engagement in environmental conservation efforts garnered them this prestigious community award.

Additionally, Adored Earth was a finalist in the top six for the Cleaning Product of the Year category, thanks to their innovative laundry detergent sheets named Eco-Ergent. These environmentally friendly, biodegradable sheets serve as a high-performance alternative to traditional laundry detergents.

Sal Poyser, Co-founder of Adored Earth, expressed their joy: “Winning Contribution to the Community shows our hard work is paying off. We don’t just want to sell eco-products, we want to inspire true change. Our litter picks and tree planting events here in Leeds bring people together to make a real difference, one step at a time.”

In celebration of their achievements and to further motivate community involvement in cleanliness initiatives, the brand is offering an exciting promotion for new subscribers over the next month. Subscribers will receive a 20% discount on their initial purchase of Eco-Ergent sheets and a chance to win complimentary products, a litter picker, litter picking hoop, and more. Interested individuals can use the code CTHS72! on their website to avail this limited-time offer.

Adored Earth is actively planning more community events across the UK and invites everyone interested in making a positive environmental impact to participate in future litter picking events. They encourage everyone keen on contributing to join their cause, emphasising that collective small actions can lead to significant change.

Join us in our mission to create a cleaner, greener community and planet.

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